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DIY Treatment for Dry Frizzy Hair

by Keisha Jo

Okay first thing Do Not Panic.

When your hair feels dry there can be any number of factors at play for example:

  • Environmental stress such as indoor and outdoor temperatures.
  • Hormonal changes.
  • Heated appliances you may be using without any heat protection.
  • Lack of a regular routine for caring for your curls. Something may have upset the balance of your normal schedule eg illness, holiday travels or just life!

Put the scissors away, dry your tears and whip up a simple concoction to rehydrate your curls.

You will need some Mayonnaise your favourite essential oil and a plastic shower cap.

Depending on the length of your hair 1 or 2 tablespoons will be enough. Mix the Mayonnaise in a bowl with a plastic or wooden spoon with about 15-20 drops of your favourite essential oil ( you use this to cover the scent of the Mayonnaise) and apply to dry hair.

If you have fine hair apply to the brittle ends only.

If you have medium to coarse hair apply from mid length to ends.

No need to apply to roots or your scalp but if your hair line is coarse and dry you can apply the mixture there.

Don your plastic shower cap have a cuppa or read a magazine for 20-30 minutes then do your normal shampoo and conditioner wash.

The best way to remove the treatment is to apply the shampoo right on top of the Mayonnaise first BEFORE wetting your hair. It makes a huge difference to the ease of washing the treatment out and you are left with strong shiny soft hair! You can do this treatment once a month or as needed.

Now if you can’t be bothered to mix this up or can’t stand the thought of Mayo on your hair here are a few suggestions.

Wavies and Cherub CurlsMop Top Hair Deep Treatment

Corkscrew Curls –  MY Honey Child Honey Mask

Botticelli  Curls- Curl Junkie Strengthening Conditioner

Fractal or Zig Zag Curls –  Komaza Care Intense Moisture Therapy

Corkicelli CurlsJessicurl Too Shea Treatment

Hope this helps  if you have any home recipe mixtures for dry hair recovery do share grin



About Keisha Jo

Keisha Jo

Founder of British Curlies. Keisha Jo had a dream to make a difference in how Curlies saw their Curls and to enable Curlies to embrace the beauty that is Naturally Curly Hair! She firmly believes that given the right products and know how no Curlie should have a bad Hair day ever grin Keisha Jo lives in Berkshire and is happily married.

Keisha Jo is a Corkscrew Curls »

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