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  1. I think this article is beautifully written. The person who wrote this is clearly a genuis LOL – just kidding!!

    I hope this helps a lot of curlies out and I hope it’s useful!

  2. Hi Ellageorgina!  I am new to the website and I found that article very useful.  I have just started CG method after reading Lorraine Masseys book and then I found your website which is absolutely fantastic, a godsend to us curly girlies!!!!  Its great to know I am not the only one with frizz!!!!!!!  thanks again, Miltus1. xx

  3. Wow Ella!! great article. really good for people starting CG, gives them all the information they need to know

  4. Ella,

    well done, the article is very informative. Great job!

  5. This is an excellent article Ellageorgina, thanks. It’ll be my curly hair bible from now on!

  6. You really are bloomin’ gorgeous EG! And a bit of a nifty writer too – great!

  7. Heeeelp!! I gave up CG method and my curls 🙁 because I cannot find shampoo/conditioner that doesnt affect my hair colour!! I have very light highlights which have never seriously affected the condition of my curls but if I don’t use a ‘silver’ or ‘purple’ shampoo then my colour goes horrible and brassy!! Is there any product out there that that attend to both my colour and my curls??!

  8. hiya Ella, ur artical seems really helpfull, i wnt to get some of the products u recomended but i have 4b type, really afro hair… do u kno if they’s work for me??? i’ve just recently bought all the KC products put i also want to start deep conditioning/treat my hiar once a week and im really lost on wot products to buy…. help pls???

  9. Thank you so much on this article. I did my big chop on 26/3/2009. I am still learning about my natural hair from my other curly sisters on you tube. I come across words like silicones,proteins, sulphates etc and i have never really understtod what they meant. Thank you for explaining in an easy way to understand.

  10. I’m just about to start using the CG method – this article has really helped, and I’m getting excited about my new hair journey already!

  11. Thank you so much, i feel like you have given me so much info with the above CG Method to great curls – learning to look after curls healthily and correctly is going to be a long and challenging process – but one im truely up for xxx

  12. I have this book, but have been very doubtful for a long time. I will give it a try. I now use Giovanni poos and conditioners, which is a step in the right direction (I hope)…

    My new hair journey is aboout to begin! here goes xxx

  13. This is article is so great thanks! Im just starting out on my new hair journey after years of straightening my curls this had helped so much!

  14. I have only started this method officially this month.. I think even sulphate free makes my hair a tangled mess, so i am using botanical conditioners only now.. Thanks for your article.

  15. hi there, my hair is damaged at the moment as i bleached it last may and have put a few semi permenants on it since then. Should i use a deep intensive mask aswell as the co wash and rinse out? Before i have washed my hair with just conditioner and its just awful really greasy is this because ive used high street stuff not CG stuff? and finally i like volume im really into kinda afros but i am white british and have botticelli curls but thats the kinda look i like short bob length and big x

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