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  1. I have had my hair cut by Carlos and can promise all my curly sisters out there that he does indeed work miracles.  I’m not sure how he does it as it appears that he doesn’t cut much off but the end result is totally remarkable.  He’s truly my curly god xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. How is he with wavy hair?

  3. I imagine he’s great with ANY kind of curls.  My hair is curly but not tight tight tight curls.

  4. wow carlos sounds amazing, i wish i had the money to get my hair done. curly hair specialists don’t seem to exist in the uk, if anyone knows any please let me know.

  5. I know, so annoying huh?
    It’s not like there aren’t enough curlies in the uk!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. It is odd. New Yorkers are spoiled for choice, and there must be as much ethnic curly diversity in London.  London has no shortage of big name hairdressers, but none for curlies!

  7. so i’ve booked an appointment, but I’m still a little nervous about how is with 4a/b hair

  8. I have just had my hair cut by Carlos and I have cork screw curls.  He does not cut much but the advice and end look is amazing. It is worth every penny. I no longer have triangle shaped hair that is higher at the back than the sides.After he styled my hair I do not have ant frizz. One visit has me converted to Carlos’ hair routine. Even if you go once a year it’s worth it. He uses Devacurl products which make my hair look and feel amazing (I have tried every single product on this website and Quidad). I hope British Curlies stock these products soon! Thank you Carlos fopr the great cut and advice! Devacurl is available on Amazon. More info on the product on http://www.mydevacurl.com

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