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  1. Where is Carlos based please?

  2. Thank you CHM

    @ SAMK1970 – Carlos is based in New York and comes to the UK every 4 months – you can get on his mailing list by emailing him on carlosfloresuk@aol.com

  3. Oh lovely, thank you very much Michelle. I’m sorry, I didn’t realise you would get the message. Your hair looks really lovely, but I can’t imagine it not looking lovey as you’ve got beautiful curls!

  4. Thank you SAMK – I saw your comment here and thought I’d reply so absolutely no need to apologise. Carlos is great and if you get a chance to see him then definitely go for it!

  5. Apologies for the smileys coming up in these random places…I promise that they were strategically placed for maximum effect but seems that they end up at the start of the lines instead.

  6. Your hair looks fantastic Michelle!

  7. Thanks CT! It was a huge help…not only the cut but all the advice was awesome and I definitely notice the difference.

  8. I love your curls – they look so healthy and full of bounce. It makes me glad to be a curly head when I see articles like this.

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