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  1. Wow , this sounds awesome! I wish I lived closer to Birmingham!ive had so many bad haircuts over the years it would be wonderful to go to a salon and know they get your hair, I have a good stylist at the moment but this is brilliant. I hope one day he expands to Cardiff 🙂


  2. This is so disrespectful to the other UK salons specifically for CURLY AFRO hair that have been around for ages. I guess hair doesn’t count as curly, our or curls aren’t significant enough that even though there are natural salons that have been around for years, this is apparently the ‘first’ curly hair salon. What utter tosh..so only lose stereotypically mixed race curls and white girl curls are relevant now? Thanks for letting us know.

    • Hi Frogirl777, This is the first salon in the UK that is dedicated 100% to supporting curly hair customers. No relaxers performed on site. No hot irons. No GHD’s. This is a first for the UK where you have a team of people who reject those measures of dealing with curly hair wholeheartedly and give advice and use products created for curly hair with no silicones or sulphates. Hope that helps. We know of no other salon that ticks all these boxes but if you do please let us know. We are here to share and support all who do.

      • Hey, the more salons in the world that specialise in curly hair, the better. I sincerely welcome it. But to say, “the first time in any UK Salon, the curly girl is priority,” well, that’s patently untrue. I’ve been going to Unruly Curls in London since 2006. If you want to claim it’s Birmingham’s first curly-oriented salon, ok! Sure! But I find this claim (perpetuated all over Spring’s instagram site and this one) to be unfair to the several trailblazing salons in London that have been styling curly hair for years.

        • I’m so glad I’m not the only one! I’ve been going to Unruly since around 2009. I moved to the Brum area recently and was pleased that Spring existed (will save travelling to London), but really put off by it’s untrue boasts; it makes me feel like it’s not really part of the UK community at all. Quite nervous about going to see them now!

          • Unruly is not a true curly girl salon, their methods and thinking are outdated. They cut curls wet, which does not make sense, i don’t wear my curls wet, nor do you, why cut it like this when we don’t know what it will look like when it contracts? The belief that silicone and sulphates are bad is also a relatively new one in the uk. Lorraine Massey trained Mathew 1:1 herself after hand picking him, he knows his stuff and was the first person in the uk to actually care for curls and only curls in the proper way. He also sparked Lindsey, who promptly went to NYC devachan herself and is now also in London doing true curly cuts. Give him(or her) a go and you won’t be dissapointed! Lindsey works as ‘Lindsey Hughes the curl whisperer’ and rents a chair in London with her assistant and Mathew has is own salon called spring which he has his own employees

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