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  1. Hey curlies – if anyone has tried this method,how does it give enough hold with simply leave in conditioner as a styler and no gel? I might give it a try but don’t think the curls will stay defined for very long, especially as I have to finger ruffle my curls when dry to get some volume. I’d love to know what others think.

  2. put a home made hair mask on overnight last night. Coconut warmed, Rosemary essential oil, raw egg, and a glug of grapeseed oil. Before put it onto my dry hair I rubbed little Jamaican black castor oil into my scalp. Rinse out tthis morning with luke warm water. Then followed the tight curly method, cowash with Palmers Olive oil CoWash. Second wash organic peppermint conditioner, Rinse. Final with 2pints cool water with 2tablespoonfuls ACV in it. Tiny bit of Trepadora Inca oil , sealed with 10p size splodge of Palmer’s Olive Oil Co leave in. Air dried.. Result: Best hair has been since I went natural! Soft curls over. :yahoo:

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