Article Submission Terms & Conditions

  • Articles must be unique and not copied from an existing article. Each blogger is expected to post about the article on their own blog and/or social networks and then link to the source of the article to
  • Do not repost the article word for word on your own site
  • Any images that you include in your article where you do not own the copyright must be credited with a source
  • British Curlies will credit the source £15 to their British Curlies shop account once the article has been published. British Curlies will reserve the right not to credit your account before date of publish.
  • British Curlies reserves the right to refuse any article that is not up to standard or where they believe the content has been plagiarized.
  • Please submit your article using the guest post form

Video Submission  for British Curlies YouTube Channel Terms & Conditions

  • Each blogger/vlogger is expected to post about the video on their own blog and/or social networks and then link or embed the video
  • Submitted videos where we have credited your British Curlies Shop account must not be uploaded as a new video to your own channel
  • Copyright of the video will belong to British Curlies once it has been uploaded to YouTube and credit added to your account
  • In the video feel free to briefly introduce you and your own channel but please represent the video as British Curlies. Your channel link and info will be added to the video description.

BCBA Newsletter Terms & Conditions

  • Every blogger/ vlogger who contributes an article or video will be added to the mailing list. Please unsubscribe if you do not wish to receive them.
  • Any blogger found touting the coupon codes without prior permission will be excluded from the newsletter and the BCBA.
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