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Every now and then, we all catch ourselves people-watching and, often, envying the curvaceous figures, long legs, six-pack abdomens and luscious manes of curls that pass us on the catwalk that is life.

We secretly admire oblivious beauties from afar and wonder whether they have ever had to worry about things like cellulite, double-chins, fine or thinning hair. And while we like to make ourselves believe that they don’t, we know that’s not true.

We all have our hang-ups. For some it’s aesthetics like a crooked front tooth or a large, prominent mole, for others it’s medical or genetic, such as obesity or thinning hair. There’s no point in beating ourselves up about them – it’s all about working with what you’ve got.

Take our hair, for example. Both men and women go through varying changes in hair texture, colour and volume. While men are prone to pattern baldness once they reach a certain age, women often find their hair thinning during or after pregnancy.

While there’s no miracle cure for fuller hair and pattern baldness, there’s a fabulous way to make your hair look as though it has been hit with the pretty stick: using hair toppers.

Hair toppers – or wiglets – basically act like extensions that add volume and cover up thinning or balding areas, giving your hair a fuller, healthier look. Available for all hair colours, textures and curl types, these can make all the difference to your look and overall confidence.

Check out the best hair toppers currently available on the market, and next you know, you’ll be the looker people watch as you strut down the street.

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Easyouth Natural Afro Hair Clip Extensions

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If this is your first time trying out a hair topper and you’re not quite sure which colour will blend nicely with your natural hair, the Easyouth brand is a great choice for you.

Offering a free colour matching service, all you need to do is send them a picture of yourself, and their team of professionals will get back to you with the best match within 24 hours.

The Easyouth Natural Afro Hair Clip Extensions are incredibly easy to apply and super comfortable to wear. They arrive ready for instant use and can also be customized to your exact size and preferred styling.

All it takes is five minutes, and your hair will be ready and styled to voluminous perfection. This hair topper is textured and ideal for type 3c to 4c curls, and available in seven lengths starting at 20cm to 50cm, weighing in at around 120 grams.

Should you ever get bored of this hair topper, you can always opt to go a shade darker by dying it yourself. Note, however, that it is not possible to lighten up the colour, as this could cause irreparable damage.

Riya 4B/4C Afro Kinky Curly Human Hair Extension Clips

Riya 4B 4C Remy Hair Afro Kinky Curly Clip in Hair Extensions Brazilian Human Hair Clips in Real...
  • 1.mongolian 4b 4c afro kinky curly clip in hair...
  • 2.Color:natural black, can be dyed,Set:8...
  • 3.Top Quality:Tangle Free,Shedding Free, Soft...
  • 4.Fast Shipping: The Hair Will Be Sent to You by...

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If you’re afraid you can’t make your afro pop quick like it used to due to thinning hair or a period of stress weighing it down, don’t despair just yet – you can always cheat a little with the help of Riya’s 4B/4C human hair toppers.

Style your hair the way you usually would when wearing it loose and natural and examine any areas that could use a bit of padding and volume. Adjust the tangle-free, pleasantly soft, double weft and thick Riya hair extensions to these areas and style as usual.

You’ll be amazed at how beautifully this hair topper blends with your own hair – and you wouldn’t even notice you’re wearing it yourself. Made with high-quality clips, it always stays secured without ever compromising your comfort.

One set of Riya extensions features eight hair pieces, so depending on your hair length, one to two sets should suffice to style your entire head to your liking. If you’re only using one, you’ll always have plenty of extra backups.

Wigreat Real Remy Clip-In Hair Topper for Type 4B/C Curls

Clip in Hair Extensions Human Hair 4B 4C Afro Curly Clip Ins Real Remy Mongolian Human Hair for...
  • Product Name:Mongolian double weft Curly Clip in...
  • Hair Quality: 4b 4c Clip in human hair extensions...
  • Hair Colour: Natural Black Color,Afro Remy Human...
  • Return Policy: Please keep the hair in original...

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This Wigreat hair topper for Type 4B and C curls is a versatile piece of hair styling kit that will allow you to achieve all the best looks. Made from human, Mongolian hair, it feels wonderfully soft and blends in with your own hair beautifully.

Each set is made up of eight individual pieces, giving you plenty to experiment with. Two sets of Wigreat clip-in extensions will give you enough to cover your entire head, making it an affordable option regardless of length.

Toppers are available from 10”  to 22” and can be styled whichever way you wish – you could even straighten, colour or highlight it if you like. The Wigreat toppers are designed to be treated the way they look – like your own hair.

They are easy to apply and come with extra clips and even a set of eyelashes, should you fancy really glamming it up for a special event.

Rich Choices Curly Wavy Bun Piece Hair Topper

Short Combs Messy Curly Wavy Hair Extensions Bun Piece Up Do Drawstring Ponytail Clip in Comb Hair...
  • Color:Silver Grey
  • Adjustable size with easy and light combs to fit...
  • PERFECT for adding volume and fullness to a bun or...
  • Washing: Easy to wash and care. Just need a little...

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Got an event coming up that calls for a little bit more than your usual go-to hairstyles? Want to feel like an absolute star for an evening? This messy, curly hair topper by Rich Choices can help the simplest and most intricate hairdos come together with extra volume and style.

Available in all colour tones – from strawberry to bleached blonde, brunette to silver grey – they are styled to ready-to-wear perfection. These hair toppers are super easy to care for using your choice of shampoo and hair conditioner, to blend in with the scent of your regular hair.

This synthetic hair topper offers a secure hold with an elastic hair tie, adding a natural look and soft touch to any updo hairstyle. It is a great choice for special occasions, but it won’t hold up for regular use nor can it be styled with heat-based tools.

This is an excellent choice that will become the centrepiece of your outfit and style – or your bridesmaid squad!

SEGO Wavy Crown Hair Topper

20" Inch Hair Toppers For Thinning Hair Women Synthetic One Piece Clip In Hair Extensions Corn Wave...
  • ❤【Material】: 100% High Quality Synthetic...
  • ❤【Type】: Toupee for Women,Crown Topper Hair...
  • ❤【Specification】: Length:20"/50CM;...
  • ❤【Design】:Attach with pressure sensitive...

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Women with a frustrating fusion of straight and curly hair, are always trying to find a way out of this limbo that is neither 100% straight nor curly. One way to do so is with the SEGO Crown Hair Topper that comes with lovely corn waves.

While it can’t magic a full head of curls onto your head, it can help to fill your natural hairstyle out by giving it an extra layer of wavy volume on and around the crown. This way, your natural waves – and the high-quality synthetic waves of your topper – will end up dominating.

Available in different colours and lengths, the SEGO hair topper comes with pressure-sensitive clips that simply click into place, hence, you’ll never have to waste much time adjusting your topper or taking it out at the end of the day.

Crown hair toppers such as this one are also a fantastic way to hold out between colour treatments a little longer. If you’d never be caught dead with your roots showing, just clip this baby onto your crown and go about life with no one the wiser about your natural colour.

The SEGO hair topper offers great quality at an affordable price.


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