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Best Leave-In Conditioners For Curly Hair

If you hadn’t noticed already, curly hair tends to need that little bit extra: extra hydration, moisturizing and care. A simple lather and rinse routine with a normal shampoo just won’t cut it and, worse yet – if you’re not using the right shampoos and conditioners, it might dry your hair out even more.

To some, this information is known curly-gospel, to others, who are just starting to embrace their natural curls, this could be new information. If you’ve consulted trusted YouTube reviewers for the best curly hair care treatments, you may have been surprised to find that many of them have washing and styling routines that include up to five products.

This may sound like a gross exaggeration to you, especially if you’re prone to favour all-natural products and are maintaining your hair on a budget, but everyone is different, and what works for them may not necessarily work for you.

One thing you can always rely on to do the trick, regardless of what hair type, is leave-in conditioners. In fact, finding the right leave-in conditioner could eliminate the need for any other styling products post conditioning.

Try it for yourself and you’ll see just how much of a blessing leave-in conditioner can be to your haircare routine.

Here is my list of the best leave-in conditioners for curly hair!

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Curls Blueberry Bliss Reparative Leave-In Conditioner

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This leave-in conditioner from the trusted Curls brand is exactly what you need if your tresses are thirsty, tired and in need of some TLC. With its delightful scent and moisturizing properties, the Curls Blueberry Bliss Reparative Leave-In Conditioner is a great introduction to expert haircare.

Just a dollop of it will leave you with a strong hold, beautifully defined – corkscrew, spiral, coily or kinky – curls, and total frizz control. The blueberries give overworked curls that vital vitamin C boost needed to promote hair growth and increase circulation to the scalp.

Next to the blueberry boost you can also expect the hydrating properties of magnificent mango butter and the strengthening effects of curative coconut oil. What else could you possibly want from a leave-in conditioner?

Shea Moisture Strengthen & Restore Leave-In Conditioner

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If you find a product you like, you keep on going back to it and maybe even reach out to their cousins too. Most of us have tried shea butter in one way or another: it’s a classic go-to leave in conditioner for moisturizing, stretch marks, face and hair masks.

So why not give the Shea Moisture Strengthen & Restore Leave-in Conditioner a shot? Its nutty smell and quenching properties are going to do just as much for your hair as they have already done to your skin.

This leave-in conditioner is best for thick, textured hair and chemically processed and heat styled hair as it can be too heavy on lighter hair-types. Made with certified organic raw shea butter and black castor oil, it will bring a spring back to thirsty curls, split ends and damaged hair.

It’s a 10 Miracle Leave-In Plus Keratin Spray

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For an on-the-go conditioning companion that’ll fix your curls with just a few quick spritzes, the It’s a 10 Miracle Leave-in Plus Keratin Spray is your pal. This is the hydrating styling product professionals use at the salon, so you know you’ve got a winner on your hands.

Small enough to fit in your pocket and strong enough to revitalize your hair and seal cuticles, this miracle spray will make your hair more manageable in just ten minutes. It adds a beautiful shine and protects the natural keratin in your hair.

This leave-in conditioner spray will allow you to keep your hair styled and controlled wherever you are, whatever the weather. Just throw it in your handbag and your hair is set to handle whatever life might throw at you next!

TeaTree Hair and Body Moisturizer

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Possibly the most versatile leave-in conditioner on the market, the TeaTree Hair and Body Moisturizer is undeniably popular for its efficiency and hydrating properties. It can be used as a leave-in hair conditioner, body moisturizer and even aftershave.

The tea tree essence calms sensitive skin and eliminates dandruff, while its scent will leave you feeling fresh and clean. If you’re not a fan of products that leave a shine or wet look on your hair, this one’s for you. Once it’s dried and you’ve combed through your hair the shine will disappear.

The TeaTree Hair and Body Moisturizer leave-in conditioner is a great choice for anyone who likes simple all-in-one solutions that allow you to maintain your hair and beauty routine with minimal hassle and maximum efficiency.

Design Essential’s Natural Almond & Avocado Detangling Leave-In Conditioner

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If the everyday struggle of detangling your hair is putting a damper on your usually bright and chirpy morning mood, you’re clearly going to have to up your haircare game. Design Essential’s Natural Almond & Avocado Detangling Leave-In Conditioner will help you win.

This super lightweight moisturizing leave-in conditioner penetrates 2B-4C curl types quickly making it smooth and manageable. It could cut the time of your daily-detangling-drama by thirty minutes thanks to its hydrating and nourishing properties.

Made up of coconut milk, shea butter, almond and avocado, this detangling leave-in conditioner is a natural solution to unruly, dry and even coloured locks. This leave-in conditioner will help you start your mornings right again!

DevaCurl Leave-in Moisturizing Decadence

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We all need to indulge in a little well-deserved decadence every now and then – so why not schedule in some DevaCurl time for your next “Treat Yo Self” day? The DevaCurl Leave-In Moisturizing Decadence conditioner will turn it into a guaranteed success.

Whichever kind of fabulous night out you’re going to treat yourself to following your hair and beauty day, you can count on this decadent DevaCurl conditioner to leave your hair looking shiny, smooth and voluminous.

With a light floral scent and intense moisturizing properties, it revives frizzy and damaged curls and keeps them defined and plump. Made with quinoa, pequi oil and chufa milk, this leave-in conditioner is pretty much the most nourishing breakfast or evening-snack you could feed your curls.

Crème Of Nature Argan Oil

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Finally, I have to give this leave-in conditioner with argan oil a mention. It will really moisturise your hair and leave it feeling silky smooth.

The argan oil helps to lock in moisture for your curls and protect against damage and heat from styling tools. It’s a highly revitalizing leave-in treatment that will give your hair a great shine.

In Summary

So there you have it, my list of best leave-in conditioners for people with curly hair. Give them a try on your curls and let me know what you think.

Finding the right conditioner for curly hair can be a trial and error process so you may need to try a few first to find the perfect one for your hair but once you have found it you can stick with it for life!


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