Best Shampoos for Damaged Curly Hair

Regardless of how much we love our curls, at times it can be difficult to maintain them. Keeping our curls healthy and happy takes up a lot of time that few of us have to spare.

So, when things at work get hectic, and we’re travelling more than we are spending time at home, it gets increasingly hard to fit in those regular – let alone, daily – haircare regimes that keep our curls bouncy.

A lack of attention and tender loving care, as well as heat-based treatment or other, external stress factors, can really take a toll on our hair and cause our curls to become dry and damaged.

This can take a hit on our confidence, too. When our curls are lifeless, dull and drooping, chances are our spirit will feel similar. After all, our curls form a huge part of us and our style.

Fortunately, it’s nothing that cannot be rectified with the right, nourishing shampoo treatment. If you feel your curls are in dire need of resuscitation, consider setting your regular shampoo aside in favour of one that was specifically made to revive and rejuvenate your hair.

Here are the six best shampoos that act like a restorative anti-depressant on sad, damaged curls and perk them back up to their natural, joyful, and defined volume.

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John Frieda Detox & Repair Shampoo for Dry, Stressed & Damaged Hair

John Frieda Detox & Repair Shampoo for Dry, STRESSED & Damaged Hair with Avocado Oil and Green Tea, 250 ml
  • Nourishing shampoo for daily detox care.
  • With antioxidant rich green tea and nourishing Avocado oil.
  • For repaired and healthy-looking hair.

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Most of us have committed to some form of detoxing or another – sugar, alcohol and processed food detox programs are all the rage, and for good reason. We fill our bodies with so much junk, making it work overtime. A regular break from it all is truly healing.

The same is true for our hair. As much as we love our styling products, heat-based treatments and regular colouring sessions, after a while they start to have adverse effects on our curls and end up doing more harm than good.

If your curls have reached a point of over-indulgence and are now suffering the consequence, consider treating them to the John Frieda Detox & Repair Shampoo for dry, stressed and damaged hair.

Made with antioxidant-rich green tea and nourishing avocado oil, this shampoo will restore your hair back to health and a wonderful, natural glow by removing all impurities and feeding it with moisture.

OGX Argan Oil of Morocco Shampoo for Dry Hair

OGX Argan Oil of Morocco Sulfate Free Shampoo for Dry Hair, 385 ml
  • Moisturising shampoo infused with argan oil
  • Helps to restore and strengthen all hair types
  • Leaves hair strong, soft and shiny
  • Hair shampoo with argan oil of Morocco
  • Sulfate free hair shampoo

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The greatest enemy to curly hair is added dryness, which can be easily caused by the wrong shampoos. Shampoos containing drying alcohols and sulphate strip your hair of its natural oils, whereas those containing fatty alcohols will act moisturizing and nourishing.

The OGX Argan Oil of Morocco Shampoo was specifically made with thirsty hair in mind and works across all curl types. This sulphate-free surfactant haircare treatment will infuse your vulnerable curls with stimulating, nutritious argan oil, strengthening your follicles and strands.

Rich in vitamin and antioxidants, this shampoo renews your hair’s cell structure and seals your curls’ natural shine and softness. It protects your hair from drying out even from styling heat and UV damage, ensuring irresistible silkiness to last.

With a great lather and a delicious fragrance, this shampoo is a gentle, strengthening alternative to harsher products, that repairs damaged curls efficiently and could, perhaps, motivate a new, sulphate-free approach to your personal hair care regime.

Aunt Jackie’s Grapeseed Power Wash Shampoo

Aunt Jackie's Grapeseed Power Wash Shampoo 355ml with Rescued Recovery Conditioner 426g
  • Moisture Rich, Delicate Hair & Scalp, Strengthens, protects
  • Prevents Breakage, Prevents dryness, Prevents split-ends
  • Improves Softness, Adds Shine, detangles, controls frizz

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The trick to proper hair care for damaged and thirsty curls is to find a happy middle: a shampoo that is gentle on your scalp and hair, but powerful enough to restore your curls back to their former strength.

That’s where Aunt Jackie’s Grapeseed Power Wash Shampoo comes in with its moisture-rich and nourishing formula. Made with aloe and apple cider vinegar, it makes for a deeply cleansing experience that leaves your hair ready to absorb all this shampoo’s additional goodness.

This shampoo contains grapeseed and jojoba oils, both of which are full of vitamins and known to prevent hair loss and promote hair thickness. Infused with coconut milk, you can count on a boost in hair growth and a wonderfully natural fragrance.

Aunt Jackie’s Power Wash Shampoo will leave your hair soft, making it super easy to detangle, thus further preventing breakage and split ends. It works a treat across all curl types and is a great choice for anyone dealing with delicate hair and a sensitive scalp.

Shea Moisture Jamaican Black Castor Oil Strengthen & Restore Shampoo

Shea Moisture Jamaican Black Castor Oil Strengthen and Restore Shampoo, 506 ml
  • Jamaican black castor oil strengthen and restore shampoo with peppermint and apple cider vinegar
  • This sulfate free clarifying shampoo removes build up while infusing the hair with moisture
  • For natural, chemically processed, colour treated or heat styled hair
  • With organic and fair trade shea butter
  • No sulfates and no parabens

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Whenever we’re feeling physically or emotionally unwell, we turn to trusted sources for advice and miracle cures. We call grandma for homemade flue-potions, our BFFs for troubles with men, and we call on Shea Moisture when our curls are in desperate need of help.

The Shea Moisture brand has given us access to hair and skin remedies based on recipes that have been past down for generations, since 1912, to be exact. Its range of hair products has brought many curls back to their best bounce and health.

The Jamaican Black Castor Oil Strengthen & Restore Shampoo increases the blood flow to the scalp, allowing the hair follicles to absorb all the valuable nutrients needed to stay moisturized. It is particularly soothing and effective for scalps prone to dandruff, eczema, and itchiness.

Heat-damaged and chemically treated curls will also benefit from this Strengthen & Restore Shampoo. Made with organic and fair-trade shea butter, and completely free of sulphates and parabens, it acts as a clarifying shampoo that removes build-up and strengthens weak hair.

Catwalk by TIGI Oatmeal & Honey Repair Shampoo for Dry, Damaged Hair

Catwalk by Tigi Oatmeal & Honey Nourish Shampoo for Damaged Hair 750 ml
  • Nourishing shampoo smooths dry damaged hair
  • Moisturises and softens hair
  • With essential proteins and vitamins to help repair hair damage
  • Leaves hair feeling soft and silky
  • Catwalk by Tigi Oatmeal and Honey Shampoo 750 ml is ideal for dry and damaged hair

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This shampoo had us at “oatmeal and honey” – the repair part almost feels like a given, after all, these two ingredients count as two of the healthiest to feed our interior and exterior body with.

The soothing and hydrating properties of oatmeal have always featured heavily in homemade skin remedies, face and hair masks. The same is true for honey, the deep fragrance and nourishing properties of which have found their way into all types of beauty and hair products.

That’s why it’s so easy to trust in the Catwalk by TIGI Oatmeal & Honey Repair Shampoo for dry, damaged hair – it has both the ingredients and the brand going for it. This product has revived hair that has been continuously colour treated and seemed damaged beyond repair.

Made with essential vitamins and proteins that help seal the moisture into your hair, this shampoo is ideal for parched curls, split ends with a coarse feel. This shampoo is on the pricier side, but it’s worth the pennies considering it can bring your hair back from the dull.

Aussie Miracle Moist Shampoo

Aussie Miracle Moist Shampoo 300 ml - Pack of 6, Cruelty free
  • Aussie's formula infuses moisture into parched hair leaving it refreshed
  • Quench your hair's thirst with moisture infusing collection
  • With Australian macadamia nut oil
  • For dry, really thirsty hair

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You don’t have to travel far to bring the miracle moisture of the outback to your hair – the Aussie brand of hair care products is available worldwide and ready to breathe life back into lifeless curls.

Quenching your hair’s thirst with Australian macadamia nut oil, the Aussie Miracle Moist Shampoo will make your hair feel refreshed and healthy after just one wash. Its hydrating properties are immediately noticeable.

You can feel your hair-softening under this shampoo’s natural ingredients as soon as you work up that first lather, and that silky feel is set to last until your next wash day. Sometimes there’s nothing better than a bit of exotic luxury to raise our curls’ spirits.


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