Where You Can Buy Curlformers Online

Once we find a hairstyle that works for us, we tend to stick with it for a while. It just makes our mornings so much more relaxed going for the tried, tested and approved formula, rather than risking complete disaster on a time-consuming and overly complicated new hairstyle.

While a repetitive styling routine might not be the most adventurous, at least it speeds up our morning with great results. Every now and then, however, we all want that mini-makeover to make us feel all shiny and new – preferably without thirty-minute long YouTube tutorials and a whole assortment of pricey gadgets.

If you’re ready to change up your hair or curl game with minimal fuss and zero hair-induced-meltdowns, we’ve got the perfect solution for you: Curlformers.

What are Curlformers?

Heat-free, long-lasting and easy to use, Curlformers is a patented hair curling system that will leave you with amazing results. Made of a unique mesh construction, Curlformers are designed to achieve your desired curl-type. The curl-types currently available are spiral, corkscrew, barrel and wave.

Each Curlformers styling kit comes with everything needed to get you started on your curl-forming session: 40 mesh spirals – which come in funky bright colors such as pink, orange, purple, blue and green – and two styling hooks used to pull your hair through the Curlformers. All this comes delivered in a beautiful satin vanity bag that includes instructions.

A Heat-Free Styling Method for Perfect Curls

The Curlformers heat-free styling system works on all hair types and is incredibly simple to use. Whether you are trying to transform your stubbornly straight hair into a voluminous head of corkscrew curls or are simply looking to change your spiral curls into barrels for a day, Curlformers won’t disappoint.

Most importantly, they will not damage your hair as they are completely heat-free. You won’t even have to add products to your hair to achieve the desired results – just ensure that your hair is damp before applying the formers and you’re ready to get curling.

The resulting curls will last you for several days, so you can get by with applying the Curlformers twice a week without having to worry about further styling methods or regimes.

Where to Buy Curlformers

Now that you’ve been introduced to this revolutionary approach to curling your hair into varying styles without the use of heat, your credit card is probably twitching in your hand, eager to make the purchase right this very second.

Well, you’re in luck, because Curlformers are available on Amazon and can even be Prime-d right onto your doorstep to be put to the test as soon as tomorrow. Amazon currently stocks all Curlformers curl styles, various accessories and styling tools, so be sure to have a proper browse.

They can also be purchased directly from the self-proclaimed Curl Bosses – the inventors behind Curlformers, Waveformers and Styleformers – via Hairflair. Here you will find all the products needed to give your hair that unique flair.

Should you be interested in other hair care and styling products such as the Hairflair’s Softhood, you’ll be happy to know that a percentage of each Softhood sold goes directly to The Little Princess Trust, which provides free real-hair wigs for children and youths who have lost their hair to cancer.

Curlformers are also available via Sally Beauty, a trusted online retailer specialized in salon-quality hair, beauty and styling products available both in the US and the UK. A great incentive for buying your curl styling kit through Sally Beauty is the 5% discount you’ll receive upon subscribing to their website.

Whether you order your curling magic via Amazon or buy them from the direct source, it will be a purchase you won’t regret.



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