About Me

Hi there Curlies,

Thanks for checking out my blog for all things curl-care, styling and product related! My name is Hati and, as you can see – and may have already assumed by now – I am a natural curly girl.

I have learned a lot about curl maintenance over the years and have come to love my hair as much as I love my little cat. Just like my cat, however, my curls can be frustratingly stubborn and incredibly rebellious at times, so it’s all about treating them with lots of TLC and patience.

Anyone who has ever owned a cat knows that, you won’t get anywhere with them by getting angry at them for being a sulky little princess or roughing up your furniture by using it as their personal nail-sharpener. Ignoring them won’t help either.

Well, I’ve learned that the same is true for your curls. Angrily plastering them down with chemically-laden gels or hairsprays is only going to make them rebel more. Simply tying them back to be ignored and forgotten is only going to make them sad.

Think of taming your unruly curls a bit like taming a feral cat. You’re going to have to put daily work into building up a positive relationship, creating trust and learning more about their personality – what is it they respond to? How can you make them feel their best?

I’m not going to lie, it’s not going to be easy – but I promise it`ll be 100% worth it. Like cuddling up with a contented,  purring kitten at the end of a trying period of getting to know one another.

This is why I created the British Curlies blog. I want to help you find the patience and introduce you to the tools needed to make your curls pop, the same way I know you’re capable of making even the most gangster- looking tomcat purr with a lot of love and perseverance.

Take a look at my extensive list of blog articles covering topics ranging from The Curly Girl Method UK & Products to Use to the Best Firm Hold Gel for Curly Hair to help answer your most burning questions about curly haircare, styling and maintenance.

I’m as adventurous about my curly haircare techniques and use of products as I am about my food – another one of my great passions. In other words: I’ll try everything once, if only to share the experience with my interested readers and to offer helpful insights.

So, if there’s a new curl-specific trend you’re currently considering trying or a product that has peaked your interest, but you’re still not quite sure you want to give it a shot yourself, turn to the British Curlies blog first. Chances are I’ve tried it or have already done my research on the topic!

Another thing, I believe – in my oh-so-humble opinion – earns the British Curlies blog a few extra brownie points among the curly community, is the fact that I often try to focus on products made or, at least, readily available in the UK.

If you like trying out new products and following the latest recommendations of your favourite haircare and styling vloggers, you’ll know what I’m talking about. Imported products truly are a luxury, and not one that is sustainable at that – all the more reason to follow my UK specific posts!

Now that you’ve learned a little more about me and my philosophy on haircare and curl maintenance, I hope you’ll become a regular visitor on the British Curlies blog, and have come to trust me enough to guide you along the way to popping curls!

xx Hati xx