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Curly Hair Type: Cherub Curls

If you’ve ever dressed up as an angel for a nativity play or an angelic spin on Halloween, you’ll know that one of the most important features is the hair. Classic angels, such as those featured in William Adolphe Bouguereau’s The First Kiss and many of Michelangelo’s paintings, all share one thing in common: they all have beautiful, mostly golden, baby curls, commonly known as – you guessed it – cherub curls.

These are the curls we coo and awe over when we see them on a baby’s head – there’s just something about those little locks of halos that make us feel all giddy inside. Curiously, though, cherub curls tend to remain at the same length and with the same texture even throughout adult life. These curls are extremely fine and break very easily and do not typically achieve thick volume in their top layers. They are sensitive to the touch and so fine, a light breeze will make them dance.

Style with an Angel’s Touch

When dealing with your cherub curls, you’re going to want to use an angel’s touch to avoid damage and stress. These locks really are so fine, they might break just facing a brush, hence, gentle touches are a must. These curls don’t tend to grow, so they are usually seen worn in a bob-style haircut. This can be frustrating to anyone who dreams of a longer mane, of course, so it is essential to note that, it is indeed possible to add a few inches to your hair, but that depends on maintenance and treatment. You may consider conditioning your hair with ingredients that promote and stimulate hair growth, such as Rosemary, Thyme or Lemongrass.

Heat is Your Enemy

As we’ve already mentioned, cherub curls are very delicate, fine and delicate, making heat its worst possible enemy. While these locks can be straightened and styled, they tend to break easily in the process. Therefore, you should always practice these styling methods with caution and not overdo it. If you regularly wear your curls in a ponytail or pulled back in another style, be sure to use curl protecting serums or oils to minimize breakage and make it easier to manage them.

Saintly Products to Achieve that Halo Glow

Working with hair prone to breakage can make it difficult to find the right kind of product – one that isn’t aggressive or drying and predominantly natural and lightweight, as you don’t want any residue buildup. Finding the right product is a matter of trial and error – the conditioner your curly friends swear by may not have the same effects on your hair. Don’t let yourself despair – simply embrace the experimentation period until you find the product that works for you.

The main thing to consider during your search are the product labels: read through them carefully to ensure they do not contain any ingredients that will prove damaging to the hair. Pay special attention the types of alcohols present in your conditioner, shampoo or styling cream/gel – only purchase products containing fatty alcohols such as cetyl, stearyl, behenyl or Cetearyl, as these have the opposite effect of drying alcohols: they actually help to moisturize and hydrate and won’t have any adverse effects on your hair.

Establish a Good Washing Routine

Cherub hair is naturally soft, so there really is no need to wash and/or condition your hair daily. Set a strict washing routine for yourself and stick to it. During the winter months, a once-weekly wash is more than enough, whereas in the summer months, washing or conditioning your hair every three to four days will work a treat.


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