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Curly Hair Type: Corkicelli Curls

If you’ve had a hard time trying to figure out your curl type, you might very well be one of the lucky girls with a special hybrid referred to as Corkicelli curls.

These manes tend to feature various curl patterns, often with one predominant type ruling over your scalp – so it could be a combination of corkscrews and zigzags or a top layer of wavy hair and an upper layer of Bocelli curls.

This curl combo can look absolutely stunning when treated and styled right, and it can look like an unruly birds’ nest when it isn’t. So how do you handle Corkicelli curls?

The most important thing to know about this curl type is that it is naturally dry, hence, if you don’t keep it hydrated, you’re going to be dealing with a frizz-bomb pretty quickly. This means, they are much needier than other curls and need to be tended to regularly and religiously to avoid curly chaos – here’s how to do it.

Be Aware of Seasonal Changes

Remember that Friends episode, you know, The One in Barbados? We’re pretty sure Monica Geller (Courtenay Cox) is as nutty about her haircare regime as she is about everything else in life, she just didn’t think to check the weather report before boarding a plane to Barbados. And what a crucial mistake that one was to make: the tropical humidity left her with the most unmanageable frizz-curls for most of her holiday, and fans with an unforgettable episode thanks to Chandler’s constant mocking of said, unfortunate hairstyle.

Learn from Monica’s mistakes and try to keep up with the weather as best as you can. As you’ve already seen on Friends, humidity can do a real number on your hair – especially when you’re dealing with variety curls. The same is true for the harsh winter months – i.e. the central-heating season – which tend to dry out your hair. During these months it is particularly important to keep up your deep-conditioning routines and to treat yourself to regular hair masks and oil treatments.

Stick to Anti-Frizz Fabrics

We are all careful about the products we use on our hair and scalp, and yet, we tend to forget that some of the fabrics we use to dry off or accessorize can be just as damaging. Most towels, for example, are made of terrycloth the texture of which becomes rougher with age. Corkicelli curls are definitely not a fan of the towel-drying method, nor do they like hat-heat. You may even consider investing in a silk pillow-case to stop your hair from matting overnight.

Hydration is Key

Think about your daily water intake and what it does to your body; if you’re on the top of your water-drinking game you’re hydrated, your skin has a healthy glow and you generally feel good. If you’re drinking too little, you’re bound to feel lethargic, tight and dry skinned and possibly even fuzzy-headed.

Your curls are no different. Corkicelli hair typically has a 5 to 8-inch spring back and if you want to keep those curls bouncy and healthy, they’re going to need to stay hydrated. Choose your conditioners, creams and gels based on their moisturizing factor and always try to give your curls an extra hydration boost before sleeping or going out into the cold with the use of a spray-on refresher or leave-in conditioner.

Go No-Poo

If you’re not already following the no-poo hair regime, it might be worth giving it a try. Eliminating alcohol, silicone and parabens from your hair care regime can work miracles on dry, damaged hair and will keep your hair hydrated for longer periods of time.


Hi I'm Hati and my hair is naturally very curly, obviously! I have started this blog to share curly hair stories and what I use to manage my own hair. Hopefully you will find it useful! My other main passions are food, art and animlas. I have a little cat who I love very much.

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