Best Box Dye for Curly Hair

The spring season brings a lot of changes with it, most noticeably the landscapes bursting into full colour as flowers and trees blossom, bathing the world in the warm pastel hues and sunshine.

This change in scenery often inspires us to change with it – by adopting a new, carefree attitude, vamping up our wardrobes and, of course, experimenting with our hairstyles and colours.

Getting a fresh cut or dying our hair in tones that match the light and colourful spring season, can be truly uplifting. These acts of beauty and self-care allow us to leap into the summer feeling confident and at our very best.

If you’re currently feeling the spring itch and want to celebrate it by adapting your hairstyle and colour accordingly, there are many ways to do so – on a budget and from the comforts of your own home.

Box dyes are incredibly simple to use and they’re effective too. With a wide range of colours and brands available, you can recreate any look you’d usually visit the salon for, at home. Just ensure that your chosen product is appropriate for your hair type, and you’re good to go!

Curly hair can be demanding to work with, given as its prone to dryness and frizz. The last thing you want is to damage and dry out your curls further by using a particularly aggressive box dye.

Here are three box dye brands with their own range of products specifically designed to treat your curls to vibrant colours without adverse effects!

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La Riche Directions Hair Dye

La Riche Directions Hair Dye

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Veer from your usual hair colour choices this spring and go for something bold and daring! A shock of plum coloured coils or waves layered in two different shades of Atlantic blue and turquoise – anything goes and La Riche Directions’ Hair Dye, will make it happen.

This box – or shall we say tube or pot – dye comes highly recommended by professionals, as an easy, semi-permanent dye that can be applied without bleach, and to stunning effects. Though it is a bit messy and easily stains things, it is worth the nuisance.

The colours come out rich and strong, and with so many funky shades of pink, red, purple, blue, green and yellow to choose from, you can use your curls as a canvass to create the perfect spring scene.

La Riche is the UK’s leading box dye brand and has been creating quality vegan products since 1981. Their dyes are 100% ammonia, peroxide and PPD free, and therefore safe to use for those prone to allergies, sensitive scalps and even pre-teens experimenting with their style.

Crème of Nature Moisture-Rich Hair Colour

Crème of Nature Moisture-Rich Hair Colour

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For a colour treatment with that special wow-effect, Crème of Nature’s Moisture-Rich Hair Colour is the right choice. Offering a great selection of colours ranging from golden blonde to luminous blonde, caramel brown to burgundy blaze, you’ll be sure to find the right fit for you.

Known for its Argan oil-based products, the Créme of Nature line has a strong focus on natural and textured hair and the ingredients that nourish it. The same is true for their Moisture-Rich Colour box dye, made with mango and shea butter conditioner for extra hydration.

Ammonia-free and promising 100% grey hair coverage, this dye will give you the full salon treatment: you’ll come out of your at-home salon session feeling like a new person with a head of vibrant, silky-smooth and bouncy curls.

Regardless of what colour you opt for, you can count on it keeping for up to three months, so it’s well worth the investment!

Shea Moisture Color System

Shea Moisture Color System

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Can’t make it to a hairdresser you know and trust? Then the next best thing is to reach for a product you know and trust. Chances are, SheaMoisture’s products already form part of your hair and beauty repertoire, so why not branch out?

If you’re already using SheaMoisture’s products to care for and style your hair with, go on and adopt the SheaMoisture Color System as your go-to, at-home box dye, too. As is true for all of this brand’s products, the Color System was created with natural, textured hair in mind.

Therefore, you can rest assured that the SheaMoisture Color System will transform your natural colour into your spring-palette beautifully, whilst giving it the extra moisture it needs to perfect the new look.

Free of ammonia and sulphates, it will leave your dyed mane with body, a wonderful shine and a colour vibrancy that demands attention. As an added bonus, this box dye actually has a neutral smell, unlike many other products with sharp and overpowering chemical fragrances.

Rocking the DIY Dye

There is nothing wrong with rocking the DIY box dye as long as you know your products. You know better than anyone else what your hair needs and how it will react to different treatments, so be sure to do your research and stick with the curl-friendly brands listed above!


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