Best Brush for Curly Hair

We’re so lucky to be able to access information with just one simple click these days – it has made living with and learning to maintain curly hair so much easier than back in our parents’ heydays.

If you’re only just starting to embrace your naturally curly hair, you’ll know just how overwhelming it can be to get haircare and maintenance just right. There are so many things to consider, from which products to use, to which comb or brush to invest in.

Fortunately, the internet has all the knowledge and we can access it via fabulous beauty and hair blogs or videos from vloggers who obviously know what they are talking about – this is evident based on their beautifully shiny and perfectly styled curls.

Unfortunately, everyone seems to have a different opinion regarding all the most important tools and products needed for optimal curl maintenance. This can make it hard to filter through all this info and find what truly works best for you.

That’s what it’s all about after all – each hair and curl type is different. Hence, just because something works for an influencer who seems to have the same curl type as you, doesn’t necessarily mean they do.

The curl pattern might be the same, but the texture and coarseness or featheriness may be completely different from yours. Therefore, it’s important to do your research and experiment a little when it comes to investing in important tools such as brushes and combs.

Brushes are, perhaps, one of the most important tools needed for proper hair and curl care. Not only do they help to detangle stubborn knots, but they also help to distribute your hair’s natural oils, leaving it with a wonderfully healthy shine.

If you’re confused as to what brush might work best for your curly hair, not to worry. We’ve compiled a list that will help you make the perfect choice!

Sosoon Boar Bristle Hairbrush

Made up of natural boar bristled, nylon pins and a flexible cushion, Sosoon’s paddle hairbrush designed for curly, thick and damaged hair is an excellent choice for anyone who wants to get those frizz-frustrations over with once and for all.

These 100% pure natural boar bristles allow for smooth, even brushing without pulling or causing hair breakage. They help to distribute your hair’s oils all the way to the tips, sealing in split ends and improving curl texture.

This hairbrush model comes in white and features a gorgeous flowery leaf design, making it the perfect addition to your bathroom as well as an excellent gift idea. Its ergonomic shape allows for easy gripping and its bristles have a relaxing, massage-like effect on your scalp.

Vista Natural Anti-Static Paddle Hairbrush

As you may have noticed by now, curls respond best to all things natural – shampoos, conditioners, oils and, as it turns out, hairbrushes too.

This makes the Vista Natural Anti-Static Paddle Hairbrush the perfect choice for anyone who likes to keep their hair care products and tools authentic. Made from bamboo, this anti-static paddle brush works especially well on dry hair that is easily prone to frizz.

It unclogs hair follicles from root to tip and offers a painless brushing experience the whole family will enjoy – even your kids. In fact, they might ask for more regular hair maintenance because of the stress-releasing massage it offers the scalp.

This brush smooths the cuticle layers to prevent hair loss and is crafted from 100% eco-friendly materials, making it the best choice not just for your curls, but our planet too!

Bestool Detangler Brush for Natural Hair

If you’re blessed with a full head of 3/4abc textured curls, you know the detangling struggle is real – which is why the best thing you could possibly do for yourself and your hair, is to invest in Bestool’s Detangler Brush for Natural Hair.

This revolutionary brush will quickly turn into your curls’ best friend, whether you choose to detangle in the shower whilst letting your conditioner work its magic or once your hair has dried.

Either way, this brush will leave you with 80% less damage and will cut your detangling time by 70%, giving you more time to relax and start the day off stress-free in the mornings.

Its super flexible design is comfortable to use and comes with a size control bar which allows you to adjust the spacing between the comb arms to large, medium or normal – whatever it is your kinky coils need!

LaModa Rainbow Paddle Detangle Brush

This paddle brush featuring zig-zag pins in all colours of the rainbow looks funky and works a treat too! It works on 2/3abc curl types and can be used both on wet or dry hair, the results will always be the same: soft and silky-smooth hair.

Developed by experts, the zig-zag shaped pins allow you to detangle and unknot your curls effortlessly without having to worry about damage or breakage. The air-cushioned pad is designed to follow the contour of your head, making for an easygoing brushing experience.

This brush speaks to all ages and all hair types. Toddlers and kids obviously love the bright, eye-catching colours and the super gentle brush strokes, which could end up making your mornings go by tearless and without a fuss.

Adults – especially mom-bun wearers and those who keep their hair up during work all day – are extremely satisfied with the fact that this paddle brush even detangles the most matted and frizzy hair without fail. It’s hardly surprising some people refer to it as the magic brush!

Majestik+ Detangling Hairbrush for Tangle Free Hair

If you’re not quite sure how to classify your hair and feel that it is somewhere between thick and kinky, frizzy and curly, the Majestik+ Detangling Hair Brush is for you. Designed to work across all curl types and to be used on wet and dry hair, this brush guarantees 100% satisfaction.

With an ergonomic shape that is easy and comfortable to handle and featuring 410 bristles that are as gentle on your hair as they are on your scalp, it can even be used on extensions and wigs leaving you with perfect results.

Brushing your curls will become much more time-efficient and completely painless, whilst still managing to untangle those crazy knots and intricate tangles. And all that without causing breakage, hair loss, split ends or, worst of all frizz!

Bsisme Natural Boar Bristle Hairbrush with Cleaner Tool

If you want to achieve soft, smooth and shiny curls without getting stuck with a hairbrush that will only lead to breakage, split ends and curl deformation, you’re going to love this Natural Boar Bristle Hairbrush.

This brush literally glides over and through your hair without actually giving you the sensation that it is working its way through those knots and tangles – that’s how smooth these bristles are! In other words, no sensations of pulling or pain.

This hairbrush is a fantastic choice for anyone who suffers from an itchy scalp or is prone to greasy hair, as it helps improve both your hair’s texture and its vibrancy. It comes with a separate cleansing tool that removes any residue and dead skin, for optimum hygiene.


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