Best Curl Creams for Curly & Wavy Hair

Sometimes our hair needs that little bit extra to get it to look just right in a certain style or when worn loose. This is especially true for wavy hair that is somewhere between straight and curly, a mishmash of both types, that can be particularly hard to work with.

Without the right kind of product wavy hair is caught in a curious game of tug-of-war: the straight strands are pulling downwards while your curls are trying to find their own place, and usually end up frizzing in frustration.

The most irritating thing of it all is that there is no winner – neither of the two hair types will end up dominating to the extent that it will end up looking purposely styled. Unless you can find a product that evens things out and will let your waves rule.

Curl creams can really help to bring out those waves, no matter where they are naturally positioned, i.e. fuller around the top of your head, towards yours ends or both.

A quality curl cream will help you define these waves, giving your hair a uniform look rather than that half-half situation you’re usually dealing with. It’ll make all the difference in your daily styling routine!

Here are the five best curl cream products that will turn that relentless game of tug-of-war into a harmoniously wavy affair.

Cantu Shea Butter for Natural Hair – Moisturizing Curl Activator Cream

Cantu Shea Butter for Natural Hair – Moisturizing Curl Activator Cream

You can already tell by the name of this product that this curl cream means serious business – it’s ready to introduce you to a new, frizz-free and bouncy existence. Cantu’s Moisturizing Curl Activator Cream knows how to keep your hair in line with a gentle approach and a light hold.

This is exactly wherein lies the secret of this nourishing curl cream: it enhances your natural curl pattern without weighing it down, giving it all the freedom to move and define themselves to their own liking. With a little help from you, of course.

Made with pure, organic shea butter and free from harsh ingredients such as paraffin, silicones, sulphates and mineral oils, this curl activating cream can help your waves achieve their full potential without added stress.

CGM approved and with a light, natural fragrance, Cantu’s Moisturizing Curl Activator Cream will fit into your wash n’ go routine nicely, to create the perfect waves.

Noughty 97% Natural – Wave Hello Curl Defining Taming Cream

Noughty 97% Natural – Wave Hello Curl Defining Taming Cream

Remember that oh-so-important balance we discussed earlier? Well, the UK-based brand, Noughty knows all about it. They believe that, some things in life are worth being serious about: like 97% natural, cruelty-free and vegan hair care products, for example.

And then there’s not taking ourselves too seriously. Their aim is to “bring this balance to your beauty choices” by ways of fantastic products designed to help you explore your style and your curls in a fun, environmentally friendly and effective manner.

Their Wave Hello Curl Defining Taming Cream restores order on your hair with its Quin oxy optimizing formula. It will scare the frizz out of your hair with moisturizing mango butter and sea kelp, the enemy of dryness.

According to Noughty, regular use of the Wave Hello Curl Defining Taming Cream is guaranteed to earn you the title of “mischievous girl” with “disciplined curls”. Drop the mischievous part if you wish, but a head full of disciplined waves and curls is something to aim for.

MoroccanOil – Curl Defining Cream

MoroccanOil – Curl Defining Cream

Nature is full of versatile, beneficial and, above all, healing ingredients – superfoods such as acai berries and chia seeds or plants like calendula and, of course, Argania, from which argan oil is derived, give us the health boosts we need.

Like many other plants and flowers found in nature, argan oil serves multiple purposes, it’s most important being skin and hair care. This is why MoroccanOil created a whole range of products around this ingredient, our favourite being their Curl Defining Cream.

This award-winning, argan oil-infused curl cream may be on the pricier side, but you’ll only require little to achieve the full, defining effects, so a 100ml bottle or tube can last you for quite some time.

Leaving your hair with a healthy shine and no residue, your curls will remain perky and frizz at bay for the duration of the day. For the best results, apply 1-2 pumps to towel-dried hair, then let it air-dry.

TIGI Bed Head – On the Rebound Curl Recall Cream

TIGI Bed Head – On the Rebound Curl Recall Cream

Whether you’re actually struggling with the brand’s titular “bed head” syndrome or are just looking to give your waves that revitalizing lift, the On the Rebound Curl Recall Cream will come to your rescue.

Feeding your hair with the moisture it needs, it will keep your waves shaped and perky for up to 72 hours with a beautiful shine and a natural look. Once you’ve experienced this simple and effective styling routine, you won’t hesitate to build this into your repertoire of haircare products.

In fact, on some days you might even prefer to skip your regular wash n’ go in preference of a quick scrunch n’ go – that’s all it takes for the TIGI Bed Head’s On the Rebound Curl Recall Cream to work its undeniable wave magic.

Made with Curl Styling Resin and silicones for thermal protection, and giving your hair a Fruit Twist fragrance, this is the ideal curl cream for wavy hair, loose curls and a fresh and revitalized look and feel.

L’Oreal Serie Expert – Curl Contour Leave-in Cream

L’Oreal Serie Expert – Curl Contour Leave-in Cream

The L’Oreal brand is known worldwide for its range of haircare and beauty products. With its deep and luxurious signature fragrance, and fantastic haircare and styling goods, L’Oreal has taught us to know our worth. Cue, the swishing of long, shiny hair and a confident smile.

Available in most supermarkets, drugstores and Amazon, the Serie Expert Curl Contour Leave-in Cream should form part of your daily luxuries, your morningly celebration of self-worth. It’ll treat your hair to a fabulously silky feel and the kind of waves you’ve been after for years.

What wavy hair that is prone to frizz needs most, is long-lasting hydration and the nutrients needed to keep them strong and healthy. This leave-in cream continuously nourishes your hair throughout the day and encourages it to find its natural pattern.

Just a small dose of this cream will give your hair more volume and will allow you to reshape your curls and define waves according to your vibe of the day. Small, compact and sold in a pretty, sky-blue tube, it’s the ideal product to have with you whenever you’re on the go.

Elegantly Defined Curls, Every Day

As is always the case when it comes to hair care and styling products, it’s all about knowing your own hair type and how it reacts to certain ingredients. It is also important to know what hair type these styling products were designed for.

Hence, when choosing a curl cream for your wavy hair, always ensure that this is the hair type it was intended for. Curl cream or custard made with kinky and coily curls in mind are going to be far heavier because this hair type requires a stronger hold.

Wavy hair, on the other hand, isn’t as dense and would only be weighed down by a thick, strong-hold cream. The products on this list have the lightness you’re after, guaranteeing silky, smooth waves with a healthy glow.


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