Best Hair Towel for Curly Hair

So, what’s your post-shower routine? Do you dance around the house in your towel turban before settling in for a quick facial while your hair dries? Or do you give your curls a good rub-down with your towel once you’ve wrung all the water out of them?

Perhaps you’re a good old, quick-fix, hairdryer gal – just blast those babies dry on medium to high heat, and you’re in and out of the bathroom, in five minutes tops.

Hey, if you’re a lady of leisure, you might even have the time and chill to air-dry your curls. We can almost picture you: curls sprawled out on a pristine white, silk bedsheet, the tips playfully formed into heart shapes a la Kendall Jenner.

We’re all for the airdrying method – that’s a big part of summer’s charm when we can get out of the shower, give our curls a quick scrunch and let the warm temperatures do the rest. Not so keen on the towel turbans and rubdowns down, especially not the terry cloth kind.

It’s strange how so many of us curly girls have gone through life never even considering that those coarse towels we all end up with after a few washes, could cause our curls damage. Once we stop to think about it, however, it makes perfect sense.

What is the one thing that will always cause our hair to become static and our curls to frizz? Friction with certain materials such as wool and polyester. Terrycloth towels will do the same if you apply friction or use it to wrap your hair into a turban.

Your curls need a much gentler approach, one a terrycloth towel simply can’t provide. Continuous towel-drying can end up seriously damaging the fibre of your hair strands, which results in fraying and breakage.

Start treating your curls with the love and soft touch they deserve, by dumping your regular towel in favour of one specifically made with curly hair in mind. Here are the five best hair towels for curly hair.

DevaCurl Anti-Frizz Microfiber DevaTowel

DevaCurl Anti-Frizz Microfiber DevaTowel

If you regularly turn to YouTube’s hair and curl care gurus for advice on products, styling and maintenance, you’re already familiar with the DevaCurl brand. Vloggers rave about these products, as they are made to bring the best out of your curls.

DevaCurl knows what it takes to keep our curls happy, and the way we choose to dry them plays a big part in that. That’s why it came up with its own Anti-Frizz Microfiber DevaTowel, for all those who know how to treat themselves – and most importantly, their curls – well.

Made from super-smooth microfibre, the DevaTowel’s texture locks in the moisture, thus, not even giving frizz a chance to contemplate forming. Measuring 7.6 x 5.6 x 15.7cm, it is large and comfortable to use in whichever fashion you please, promoting wonderful curl definition.

This hair towel is time-efficient on varying levels: it decreases drying time and will also save you plenty of future time you’d usually spend tending to towel-frizzed hair!

DuraComfort Essentials Deluxe Microfibre Hair Towel

DuraComfort Essentials Deluxe Microfibre Hair Towel

Made from premium quality and durable lisse crepe fabric, the DuraComfort Essentials Deluxe Microfibre Hair Towel will surprise you with its incredible efficiency.

It’s a common misconception that terry towels are super absorbent, but the truth is, they leave your curls heavy and drenched.

This hair towel, on the other hand, will absorb any excess moisture without leaving your hair feeling dry or stripped of whatever hydrating treatment it has just undergone. It’s soft and feels gentle on your curls and scalp.

It’s extremely comfortable to use with its flexible and stretchy seam, making it ideal for turbans or head wraps that don’t end up weighing your hair down and causing you a headache.

If for whatever reason, your curls should not agree with this towel, DuraComfort Essentials offers a full money-back-guarantee. Although – based on the enthusiastic reviews from customers all over the world, we’re fairly certain even the pickiest of curls will approve.

Desired Body Premium Hair Drying Towel

Desired Body Premium Hair Drying Towel

Large, lightweight, soft and absorbent – that’s pretty much all we could ask for in a hair towel, right? And that’s exactly what this Premium Hair Drying Towel from Desired Body is.

Its generous size of 114X64cm allows for plenty of versatility in use, whilst still feeling much lighter than regular towels. It only takes a few minutes for this hair towel to absorb most of the moisture, leaving it just slightly damp – the perfect condition for styling.

Made from waffle weave microfiber, it’s incredibly gentle on your curls and enhances definition when used to scrunch or as a wrap. This fabric is antibacterial, meaning it can be used repeatedly between washes, without fear of that musky, damp towel odour.

There’s something about that waffle wave design that also makes the Premium Hair Drying Towel a nice addition to your bathroom. It has a clean, modern and soft look, in other words, exactly the kind of hair towel you’d want to see and reach for in the morning.

Luxspire 2-Pack Microfibre Hair Drying Turban Wrap Towels

Luxspire 2-Pack Microfibre Hair Drying Turban Wrap Towels

If you’re going to make the change from terry towel to curl-loving microfibre towel, you might as well go big or go home –treat yourself to this double pack of Luxspire Microfibre Hair Drying Turban Wrap Towels, so you’re set for the next year or so.

Made with high-grade, super-soft microfibre material this is the perfect turban-wrap system, one that’ll make your hair care routine go by effortlessly and with fantastic results. It’s particularly useful for long hair and holds the wrap in place with a simple button loop closure.

These turban-wrap hair towels come in two lovely colour combos, namely bright pink and turquoise, and baby pink and purple, and feature a cool double-stitch design around the edges. They are machine washable and a great choice for taking along to the gym or sauna, too.

Ultra-soft and absorbent, the Luxspire brand puts the “luxury” in hair care products, guaranteeing efficiency, comfort and style. You’ll feel so snug in this wrap, you’ll find yourself forgetting you’re even wearing it.

M-bestl 2 Pack Microfibre Hair Drying Towel Wrap

M-bestl 2 Pack Microfibre Hair Drying Towel Wrap

If you like your haircare accessories to look just as stylish as the interior design of your home and bathroom, this pack of two M-bestl Microfibre Hair Drying Towel Wraps could be the perfect choice for you and your curls.

The high-quality microfibre towel wraps are available in two colour combinations, namely beige and pink, and pink and coffee. So, yes, you might even find yourself snapping some pics for Instagram whilst you wait for your hair to dry.

You won’t have much time for intricate poses however, because these towel wraps are so extremely soft and absorbent, they’ll have your hair dry and ready to style in less than five minutes.

Foreseen with a tie hoop that allows you to secure the turban without any slipping or sliding situations that could add potential stress to your curls, your hair will dry into cute, defined curls – fast and naturally.

With its pineapple plaid design and that deliciously cosy feel, you can rest assured you’re granting your curls a real treat with this hair towel wrap.


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