Best Hooded Hairdryers for Curly Hair

If you’re only just getting into the specifics of what it means to care for and maintain curly hair, chances are you’re in for a bit of confusion here and there. Especially where hairstyling tools and techniques are concerned.

One of the most known facts about curly hair is that it is prone to extreme dryness and breakage. In other words, the products we use to style, define and treat our curls must be made up of ingredients that are moisturizing and hydrating.

Products containing various drying alcohols, for example, could end up having adverse effects on our hair, whereas no-poo or low-poo shampoos and products, come highly recommended for varying curl types.

When it comes to styling your hair and getting the very best out of your curls, however, there is one aspect of it all that has been a great source of confusion to many of us: whether the use of a hairdryer is beneficial or damaging to your curls.

Given their dryness, we fully understand why hair professionals advise against heat-based treatments and styling techniques for curls. And yet, we see so many of them using hairdryers on their own hair and their clients’ curls.

So, what gives? Why should we be using hairdryers on our curls when they are said to be damaging to our hair? The answer is simple: it’s all about which type of hair dryer you use.

A handheld hair dryer emits direct heat via hot blown hair and will often leave curls with a toasted look and feel, due to increasing dryness. A hooded hair dryer, on the other hand, circulates warm air indirectly – like a gentle, summer breeze tousling your hair.

Any curl-loving haircare professional will always opt for a hooded hairdryer for regular washing and styling sessions. They are often used in combination with deep conditioning, which is extremely efficient for textured hair, and encourage you to get your chill on too.

All a hooded hairdryer requires you to do is to sit back, cover your hair with the bonnet and relax while it works its magic on your curls. Ready to invest in one? Here are the best hooded hair dryers for curly hair on the market.

BaByliss PRO Ionic Hood Dryer

BaByliss PRO Ionic Hood Dryer

If you’ve never heard of the BaByliss Pro brand, you obviously aren’t a child of the eighties and nineties. Almost all the trendy hairstyles of the era – including, of course, the ultra-90s crimped hair look – required some tool or another, and BaByliss Pro had them all.

Their line of electric hair styling tools is made to help you “design the styles today that will be the must-have looks of tomorrow” – and all that from your own bedroom. One of these tools is the BaByliss PRO Ionic Hood Dryer – a curly girls’ best friend.

This hooded dryer comes with a powerful 2000W motor that allows it to run at two different speeds and three heat settings, permitting you to adjust the levels as needed. Featuring an in-built, adjustable diffuser, your styling options are endless.

The BaByliss PRO Ionic Hood Dryer comes with a transparent visor – ideal for a proper hair-pampering session that will allow you to read and peruse your Netflix playlist comfortably whilst you deep condition and/or dry and style your hair.

Its ionic technology is designed to hydrate your hair evenly, giving it a silky feel and a rejuvenated glow. The stand is height adjustable ensuring the optimal position for you, making every hair day a relaxing and efficient experience.

COSTWAY Hair Dryer with Premium ABS Hood

COSTWAY Hair Dryer with Premium ABS Hood

If you want to roll with the pros where hair styling equipment is concerned, check out COSTWAY’s Hair Dryer with Premium ABS Hood.

With lots of exciting features designed to turn your at-home hair styling session into a luxurious treat, this hair dryer with a premium ABS hood will become the envy of all your curly-haired friends.

Unlike other hooded hair dryers, that force you to look up from your reading and remove the hood regularly to check the time and the state of your hair, the COSTWAY model features a convenient timer and temperature control that can be adjusted to your requirements.

The four-leg, height-adjustable and swivel-wheeled base is extremely sturdy, so you’ll never have to worry about your Kong Fu kitty accidentally making it wobble with one of their crazy stunts. It can be manoeuvred effortlessly and without wear and tear.

Use the COSTWAY to deep condition or style your hair or to simply relax. It is extremely soothing on the scalp and promotes healthy blood circulation, the perfect way to wind down after a stressful day.

MOMOJA Hooded Styling Hairdryer

MOMOJA Hooded Styling Hairdryer

Already pinning all your favourite hairstyle on your Pinterest board in anticipation of your next at-home hairstyling session? Then spring for a versatile hooded hairdryer that will help you achieve all kinds of new goals for your curls.

The MOMOJA Hooded Styling Hairdryer works on so many levels – whether you’re going on a deep dive into conditioning or are ready for the gentle, curl-defining blow-out, whether you’re working with gels or oils.

In fact, people seem to love using this styling hairdryer after applying gel to their curls, as it leaves them with a beautiful shine and extra bounce. With two adjustable airspeed settings and temperature settings ranging from room temp to 75C, the MOMOJA is a friend to all curl-types.

You can adjust the timer to up to sixty minutes, giving you plenty of time to settle in for the type of treatment you’re after. Regardless of how long you stay put, you can rest assured you’ll come out of it looking like you’ve just spent a hundred quid on a good stylist.

CASART Portable Salon Hooded Hairdryer

CASART Portable Salon Hooded Hairdryer

For certain hairstyles and nourishing curl treatments, a little down-time under a hooded hair dryer is the most efficient method. Not only will it allow for your chosen products to penetrate your hair and scalp evenly, but it will also improve your curl definition.

Invest in the CASART Portable Salon Hooded Hairdryer and you’ll be able to treat your hair to the care it deserves whenever you desire. This is a fantastic value and will end up saving you so much money on future salon visits.

And besides, who doesn’t prefer sitting back for a pro hair drying and styling session wearing comfortable pyjamas and nursing a glass of wine? The CASART hooded hairdryer features everything you need: adjustable temperature, time and height functions and a modern design.

Set it up in the room that suits you best with minimal fuss and set it to your desired temperature between 40C and 75C. Then sit back and wait to marvel at the incredible results.

HOMCOM Professional Hooded Hairdryer

HOMCOM Professional Hooded Hairdryer

Popular home and lifestyle brand, HOMCOM, knows what is needed to create a cosy home environment and offers everything from trendy furniture and décor to the electrical appliances needed for optimum comfort and flexibility.

Beauty and self-care form an important part of the modern lifestyle concept and, as such, HOMCOM has its own range of quality hair care and styling equipment. One of their best products is the HOMCOM Professional Hooded Hairdryer.

Whether you’re adding a bit of colour to your curls in the form of highlights or like to combine this curl-friendly thermal treatment with a leave-in cream, curl-defining gel or conditioner, this hooded hairdryer will ensure your treatments will work to their maximum potential.

Equipped with a lonic device and a rotary backflow airflow design, it distributes the heat evenly and gently. With its multi-bladed fan, you can always rely on a calming experience – your chill will never be interrupted by irritating humming or buzzing sounds.

Get the Professional Treatment at Home

Regular salon visits can be fun but, as you can see, they’re not necessary. These hooded hairdryers will allow you to achieve the same results you would at a salon, at home – and all that for a minimal initial investment, depending on the model.

That’s a small price to pay for a future of free, ultra-chill and divinely effective haircare and styling treatments at home. With a little entertainment byways of your favourite show or page-turning book, your regular wash n’ go routine will turn into a cherished event.

Treating your curls to this kind of intensely nourishing styling routine will encourage them to live their best life – with a healthy bounce and a beautiful sheen.


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