Best Mousse for Curly Hair

If only the world could see us the exact moment we finish styling our hair, the exact moment before we step outside and our beautiful curls just…flop. Without the right product, the difference is extreme: we go from a full head of locks to a flat frizz calamity.

Call us dramatic, but it’s actually pretty devastating when this happens. We spend so much time and money on these volatile locks of ours, only to have them turn into spoiled brats who do whatever they want when not treated like absolute royalty.

We put hours of research into selecting just the right shampoo. We follow all the most popular beauty and hair vloggers on YouTube for the latest tips, trends and tutorials, and always consult their reviews before as much as considering trying out a new product.

And yet, we keep on finding ourselves in the same scenario. We step out of the shower after a gentle hair cleansing routine with all our favourite products, spend a solid hour detangling, gelling, styling – the works.

Once that last little flyaway is smoothed back with our gel of choice, and that last stubborn curl is scrunched into perfect definition with our go-to styling cream, we look in the mirror and give ourselves a well-deserved nod of approval.

We might even get cocky, really strut our stuff for an extra bounce in our curls as we head out the door. And then it happens – we haven’t made it halfway down the street before our curls start drooping and with that, our spirits.

So, what the heck is it? What is it we’re missing from our haircare and styling routine that is stopping our curls from being their best selves? Turns out – it’s mousse! With so many amazing gels, creams and hairsprays on the market, we have somehow started to overlook the magical powers of mousse.

Here are all the best mousse products for curly hair that promise lasting curl cockiness.

Design Essentials Natural Curl Enhancing Mousse

Design Essentials Natural Curl Enhancing Mousse

Described as a “quick-drying must-have for perfectly defined, luminous curls”, this almond and avocado infused styling mousse may just be the last piece to our constantly evolving puzzle of hair products.

Design Essentials’ Natural Curl Enhancing Mousse could prove to be much more to our hair than a loyal BFF. This product could end up being the one. Made up of olive, sweet almond and avocado oil this mousse promises to nurture and quench our curls so we may love them forever.

This non-drying curl-enhancing mousse is ideal for thick 3c/4a/4b texture curls and it sure knows how to keep up with an active lifestyle. No matter where you are or how long it’s been since you last checked a mirror, your curls will always be able to rely on a mousse that’s in it for the long haul.

Redken’s Stay High 18 Hold Gel to Mousse

Redken Stay High 18 Hold Gel to Mousse

We’re pretty certain the pun here is totally intended: this gel-to-mousse from the known Redken’s brand will keep our curls high, lifted and feeling eighteen again. This special gel-to-mousse formula will get us styling and sculpting like a teenager, ready to embrace a new look every night.

This transformational – in every sense of the word – product comes in a stylish black bottle with a little button dispenser and comes out as a gel. Once we rub our fingers together and say a little abracadabra, however, it lathers and turns into a mousse.

Redkin’s Stay High 18 Hold Gel to Mousse works great for various curl types and short hairstyles by bringing out and retaining the volume without greasiness or crunch. The Oprah Magazine said so – amen.

Scruples Crème Parfait Volumizing Foam

Scruples Crème Parfait Volumizing Foam

Admittedly, this mousse sounds more like a fancy French dessert than it does like a hair styling product. Though, in a way, it does have the same pleasing effects on our hair as a dessert would on our taste buds.

Scruples’ Crème Parfait Volumizing Foam is the lightweight, creamy, alcohol-free mousse our curls have been waiting to feast on for so long. Without leaving them heavy and prone to that after-styling-dip, it will feed your locks with moisturizing nourishment.

This mousse will bring the joy back to our hairstyling adventures and will allow us to strike gold with our dos every time. And it won’t even look as if we were trying particularly hard to achieve the look – that’s how natural this mousse will make our curls feel and appear.

Got2b Twisted Curling Mousse

Got2b Twisted Curling Mousse

Some days call for a little extra – double curling power for an irresistibly wild mane of silky-smooth spirals. If we want twisted curls with an impressive bounce and even more remarkable shine, you gotta try this marvel of a Schwarzkopf styling mousse.

The Got2b Twisted Curling Mousse brings out those spiral and corkscrews even when they’re resisting our urge to perk up and get to bouncing at the club. They just can’t resist this product’s power of persuasion and definition – not to mention its handle on frizz.

This curling mousse won’t leave us broke either, so there’s no need to keep it on the special shelf for special occasions. Let’s go right ahead and make every day a salon-day for our hair – our curls will never be kinkier, and we’ll never be happier!

L’Oreal Paris Boost It Loud Mousse

L’Oreal Paris Boost It Loud Mousse

Ever read about rock stars who regularly get a Vitamin B shot just for an extra boost? Imagine if there was an injection like that for our curls, for those days on which they just can’t seem to find their groove.

Turns out, L’Oreal Paris has just the formula needed to get our curls up and bouncing again. The Boost It Volume Inject Mousse breathes new life into hair that may have been on tour for too long without a pampering-session or a fresh cut.

This’ll bring the body back into our curls’ natural spirit, lock it and hold it in any style for up to 24 hours without crashing and dipping at any point. Not even after a wild-head banging session at our favourite musician’s vitamin-b-high concert.

Aveda Phomollient Styling Foam (Mousse)

Aveda Phomollient Styling Foam

We usually think of very thick and tightly textured 3c/4a/4b/4c curls as the most challenging hair-type when it comes to detangling, styling and finding the right products, but fine, thin hair can be just as much of a nuisance to work with when we haven’t landed on the right mousse yet.

Aveda’s Phomollient Styling Mousse is a favourite amongst those with fine hair and loose waves, for the weightless body, it provides for any type of hairstyle. Though it won’t give our curls the strongest hold, it will add a gorgeous shine without leaving build-up.

Made with certified organic honey, marshmallow root and burdock, all of which will treat our scalp with their soothing properties – particularly intriguing for anyone dealing with eczema or a dry scalp – Aveda’s Phomollient Styling Foam will become an essential part of our hair care routine.

Giovanni Eco Chic Hair Care Tangerine & Papaya Ultra-Volume Styling Mousse

Giovanni Eco Chic Hair Care Tangerine & Papaya Ultra-Volume Styling Mousse

Upon reading this product’s two key ingredients – namely tangerine and papaya butter – we can already sense that Giovanni’s Ultra-Volume Styling Mousse is going to infuse our hair with the moisture needed to define our curls and add the volume we are craving.

Featuring natural ingredients such as aloe vera and two of the Simon & Garfunkel’s – namely rosemary and thyme – this ultra-volume styling mousse will do more for our hair than just create the look we want. These ingredients also happen to be famous for its growth-promoting and stimulating properties.

Leaping Bunny Certified, cruelty-free and 100% colour-safe, this styling mousse is a great choice for anyone with colour-treated hair and will add thickness to fine, thinning hair. Free of sulphates, parabens and other harsh chemicals, we can rest assured we are using a gentle product for our sensitive hair.

Paul Mitchell Extra-Body Sculpting Foam

Paul Mitchell Extra-Body Sculpting Foam

One of the reasons many people like to avoid styling products such as gel and mousse is because they fear their hair will be left looking as though it is absolutely caked in goo and crunch. This can be easily avoided given we find the right mousse for our hair type.

As the name of Paul Mitchell’s Extra-Body Sculpting Foam already suggests, this product guarantees a full-body, volumised look and our curls will look naturally healthy and styled without flakes or stiffness.

Alcohol-free and made with quality ingredients, this mousse is designed to whip up a long-lasting hold that will leave our curls feeling soft and looking perfectly defined without stickiness. This mousse is the answer to unmanageable loose curls!

Enjoy Volumizing Mousse

Any brand that reminds us to enjoy life, love and our curls is one we should keep in our home as a daily reminder. If it also happens to do all the things we expect the best hair products on the market to do for our curls, we’ve got ourselves a keeper – and Enjoy’s Volumizing Mousse is one of them.

Made up of a special blend of styling polymers, this mousse will keep any hairdo in check without weighing it down. Specially formulated for fine hair, it adds thickness and volume to our hair and will refresh colour-treated hair with protective ingredients.

The Enjoy Volumizing Mousse will make our hair cuticles feel smoother than ever and is highly humidity resistant. Keeping our hair hydrated and defining our curls beautifully, this is a product we’re always going to want to keep on hand from here on out.

Thermafuse Fixxe Volume Mousse

We’re all picky and uber-protective when it comes to our curls – we want all of the good stuff without any of the bad stuff. Maybe it’s not just our curls that are spoilt, but us. Or maybe, we’re just worth it! In fact – yes, we are!

Why shouldn’t we insist on a blackberry, vanilla and musk-scented mousse infused with jasmine, amber, rose petals and violet leaves that work wonders on our hair too? It’s not as if a product as such doesn’t exist – it’s called Thermafuse Fixxe Volume Mousse and it’s awesome.

Sulfate-free and 100% vegan, this mousse is packed with vitamins, proteins and strong UV absorbers ensuring the best protection for our precious curls. Highly efficient and lightweight, this mousse smells like summer in a bottle and will make our curls look like Sarah Jessica-Parker’s on the red carpet.

Suave Kids Cherry Vanilla Soda Mousse

Now that we’ve checked out all the mousse products on offer for our own curls, it’s time to think about our kiddo’s hair – perhaps it could benefit from a new styling product too? Who knows, it could make the morning routine go by much smoother!

Suave Kids’ Cherry Vanilla Soda Mousse looks and sounds fun – featuring Smurfette on the bottle as brand ambassador – and it happens to be effective too. Hypoallergenic and free of alcohol and residue, this mousse will bring out our kids’ curls with minimal fuss.


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