Best Naked By Essations Hair Products

There are some scents that will always make us feel good no matter where, no matter what. Whenever they infuse the air your breathing, you feel warm and at harmony with yourself and the world.

Nature has a wonderful way of communicating a plant or flower’s healing properties to us by ways of their scent. Almond and honey, both very distinctive in their flavors and aromas, are two naturally produced substances that smell as delicious as they are beneficial to our health, skin and hair.

It seems only logical that we would choose our restorative hair, beauty and skin products based on our preferred fragrances. Somehow, our bodies and nature act in intuitive ways and those ingredients we are most drawn to in a product or a potion, are the ones we most need.

Naked by Essations is a haircare brand that attracts customers of all hair-types for that incredibly powerful combination of almonds and honey. We somehow tend to know what is right for us and our hair and the Naked hair products have become a go-to for many.

Carrying a wide range of haircare products, Naked by Essations uses its own relaxer formulation to release strengthening and moisturizing emollients that are vital to healthy hair. Check the list below for the best Naked hair products and choose according to your hair type.

Naked by Essations – Laid Edge Control

If you’re looking for a reliable product that will always get your edges laid no matter how stubborn they might be behaving, Naked by Essations’ Laid Edge Control won’t disappoint. This product has been described as the holy grail of edge control by the curly-hair community – and it knows what it’s talking about.

All you need is a little dollop of this gel to get your edges to lay down and stay with a beautiful shine. It will bring out your waves and your curls without leaving any flake and will allow you to brush through your hair easily the next day without stickiness or crunch.

Naked by Essations’ Laid Edge Control is available in different sizes allowing you to put it to the test before committing to a larger edition.

Naked by Essations – Honey & Almond Whip Conditioner

Made with wheat protein, sunflower oil, honey and almond, this incredible conditioner works like a charm on various hair types. For relaxing and beautifying haircare routines, the Naked by Essations’ Honey & Almond Whip Conditioner is the one you’ll want to have in your life.

This is a fantastic conditioner for anyone who is just starting their natural hair journey. As we all well know, the transition phase from treated to natural can be a challenging one, but with the help of this miracle conditioner, it will become a lot less daunting.

It works great as a pre-poo as well as regular conditioner and will leave your hair feeling light, soft and healthy without weighing it down or leaving it crunchy and stiff to the touch. It makes detangling easy and is gentle on the scalp.

Naked by Essations – Honey & Almond Moisture Whip Shampoo

If ever there was a brand that knows how to whip up a restorative, nourishing shampoo that works across all curl and hair types, it’s Naked by Essations. Their Honey & Almond Moisture Whip Shampoo proves they understand our hair’s needs.

This moisturizing almond and honey shampoo will make your curls, coils and spirals feel soft to the touch by quenching their never-ending thirst. Its rejuvenating effects are evident not just in the feel of your hair but the overall look: the difference in your hair will be visibly noticeable after just one wash.

This sulfate-free shampoo is a great go-to product for the cold, harsh winter months when curly hair is at its most needy. It will stop your hair from drying out by hydrating it with natural oils without making it feel heavy or tacky.

Naked by Essations – Infusion 365

Treat your hair to an infusion of natural and herbal extracts that will keep your locks shiny and healthy all year round. Containing six essential vitamins and three natural extracts, Naked by Essations’ Infusion 365 spray is the perfect choice for natural, relaxed or color-treated hair.

This spray has also been praised as being a fantastic product to use during transitioning phases, helping you to keep your hair in check as you embrace your natural look. It can be used as a detangler on dry or wet hair, as well as a moisturizing protector against free radicals.

Use the Infusion 365 spray prior to prepping your hair for braids for even better results. It will make your hair feel smooth and will allow you to brush through it without issue. It makes the braiding process less painful and time-consuming, without leaving oily residue.


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