Best Silk Sleep Cap for Curly Hair

There’s a whole lot we can do to protect and care for our curls in our waking state, but come nighttime, when we’re off slaying with Beyoncé, there’s no time to be checking in with our hair.

As much as we love our nightly excursions to dreamland, they come at a cost to our curls. All those moves we’re busting in our sleep, are preventing our curls from getting and staying in formation.

Friction may be good on the dancefloor, but it’ll kill your curls. And that’s exactly what’s happening while you’re sleeping: your hair is rubbing up too close to your pillow, it’s being pulled and tugged in all directions.

Wouldn’t you rebel too, if you were exposed to that on a nightly basis? Give your curls the love they need and deserve by wearing a silk sleep cap to bed.

This will stop them from frizzing and your ends splitting, and it will also help to retain the moisture from your hair care products, leading to another great advantage: it will save you time and money!

By keeping your hair moisturized and your curls defined, you won’t have to co-wash as much as you typically do, nor will you have to spend a great chunk of time restyling every morning.

You will recognize the many benefits of using a sleep cap or bonnets within as little as a week and, in all likelihood, you’ll never go back to sleeping without one. If you’re ready to change up your hair care and styling game, check out our four best silk sleep caps below.

Emmet 100% Mulberry Silk Sleep Bonnet

Emmet 100% Mulberry Silk Sleep Bonnet

If you’ve been working with one of your prized silk scarves as a makeshift sleep cap up until now, the Emmet bonnet is going to be a real game-changer. No more falling asleep in corpse pose for fear of your scarf sliding out of position – this bonnet will stay in place all night.

This one-size-fits-all bonnet is made of 100% mulberry silk and adapts to your head comfortably without any feeling of restriction. The material is wonderfully cool in the summer and pleasantly warm in the winter, making it a year-round haircare solution.

Available in nine colours – including a beautiful peacock blue – and easy to handwash, the Emmet bonnet may not be your most stylish piece of kit, but it will work wonders for your hair. Preventing breakage and dryness, it will quickly become your favourite nightly companion.

ThickTails Satin Lined Sleep Cap

ThickTails Satin Lined Sleep Cap

Specializing in quality hair care products, the ThickTails brand knows what it is needed to keep your curls looking their absolute best.

Next to their range of stimulating conditioners and strengtheners packed with vitamins, horsetail extract, biotin and green tea, ThickTails is also known for its satin-lined sleep caps.

These are particularly beneficial for curly hair, keeping it protected from the nightly strains and friction it undergoes when we toss and turn on our pillows. Super comfortable and lightweight to wear, these sleep caps’ exterior is made of breathable jersey material.

Lined with soft silk, the ThickTails sleep caps cover the entire head, retaining your curls’ natural moisture and any other products you have used to treat them with during your nightly haircare routine.

If you’ve never used a sleep bonnet before, try the ThickTails cap on your next washday: you’ll be amazed at how hydrated and defined your curls will be the next morning. Just think – it could be like that every day! As long as you keep them protected at night.

Alnorm Stylish Double-Layer Satin Bonnet

Alnorm Stylish Double-Layer Satin Bonnet

Go to sleep at night without a haircare in the world, courtesy of the stylish Alnorm satin bonnet.

Tried, tested and made by designers who truly understand the importance of nocturnal haircare and ultimate comfort, these bonnets will allow you to sleep soundly and wake up with a beautiful shine and a perky bounce in your curls.

Though double-layered, the fabric is ultra-thin and light, allowing your hair to breathe without losing the moisture needed to give it a healthy look. These bonnets are reversible and available with fun and classy print designs or vibrant single colours.

The elastic band is super stretchy and will perfectly adjust to your head, without a feeling of tightness – a snug fit, none of the nightly slip and slides. The elastic is covered with natural bamboo fibre, which is far more pleasant during warmer nights.

This bonnet is also great to wear in the bath or shower, or when you’re trying to keep the hair out of your face whilst doing your make-up, without having to tie it up.

Alnorm Extra Large Double-Layer Satin Bonnet

Alnorm Extra Large Double-Layer Satin Bonnet

While sleep bonnets work across all hair types, they may not be comfortable for all hairstyles. If you’ve got very thick dreadlocks, for example, or a full head of passion curls, chances are you’ll feel more comfortable wearing a roomier bonnet that doesn’t force your hair flat.

While the above mentioned, standard-sized double-layer satin bonnet can pack a lot of curls, the extra-large edition will make them feel less constricted without giving them too much freedom of movement for friction.

Retaining moisture is just as important for dreadlocks and twist-out styles as it is for curls. By treating them to the silky softness of the Alnorm bonnet every night, you will ensure that their definition and style stays in place for much longer than usual.

Hence, this sleep cap will end up saving you a lot of time on regular touch-ups, and money on hair care products and salon visits. Simply incorporating the habit of wearing a bonnet into your nightly haircare routine, can work better than any miracle moisturizing cream.

It will enable the products you use to work much more efficiently by helping to retain the hydrating and nourishing ingredients overnight, leaving your curls feeling soft and moisturized – and, as we all know, moisture is key to healthy curls.

The Nocturnal Haircare Essential

Quality silk sleeping caps are essential to a good, nightly haircare regime. Protecting your hair with a silk cap or bonnet will make all the difference to your curls and, consequently, your confidence.


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