Blueberry Bliss Curl Control Product Reviews

The right scent can work wonders on our confidence and overall well-being. We all have that one smell that evokes childhood memories, first loves or incredibly happy summer holidays. Just one whiff of that cinnamon and allspice can transport you straight back into your grandmother’s kitchen and uplift the worst of moods.

This is why we love beauty and hair products that come with irresistible scents we can carry with us throughout the entire day. This is especially true for our hair products. Seeing as our hair is in very close proximity of our nose, the smell needs to be just right to get us through the day feeling beautiful, fresh and self-confident.

It’s not always easy to find the right curl control product that smells the part too. Many hair products come with overpowering or sickly-sweet smells that can become overwhelming. This is not the case with Curls Blueberry Bliss Curl Control.

Blueberry Bliss Control Gel does its job leaving you to look and smell the part.

Blueberry Scented Curl Control Jelly

Curls’ offers two forms of deliciously scented curl control: in jelly as well as paste form. Many reviewers have compared the Blueberry Curls Control Jelly to, well…jelly! As in the Jell-O shots that were all the rage when we were teens.

And while this particular jelly may not be intoxicating, it will perk your curls right up thanks to its moisturizing properties and the incredible shine it adds to your hair. The blueberry extract stimulates hair follicles and will give your hair a welcomed Vitamin A, B5, C and E boost.

Although the jelly’s consistency is quite dense, you won’t have to worry about it leaving your hair feeling crunchy or sticky. Instead the Blueberry Curls Control Jelly will leave your hair looking healthily hydrated, frizz-free and perfectly formed.

Natural, Super Sculpting Blueberry Bliss Curl Control Paste

For a natural product that can keep unruly curls in check, the Blueberry Bliss Curl Control Paste is a great solution. Ideal for wavy, curly, kinky and even dreadlocked hair, it’ll keep your curls formed, your style in check and your edges slick.

Featuring argan oil and blueberry extract, this paste stimulates hair growth and prevents breakage whilst keeping it moisturized. The mango extract adds a fresh scent and will feel like a spa-day on your scalp, as it encourages the production of sebum.

For a soft hold, the Blueberry Bliss Curl Control Paste is best applied on wet hair. You can build it into your wash and go routine as it won’t take much futzing to get your edges to lay down and stay down without having to tie them down!

This paste is also a great product for twist-outs and dreadlocks. It will help your dreads lock without causing any build up and give them the hydration they need to look and feel healthy.

Great Hold and Glorious Scents

We’re really not asking for much when it comes to our hair products: we want them to be natural, do their job and we want them to smell good enough for us to leave the house without an added spritz of perfume in the nape of our necks.

The answers to these three simple demands are the Blueberry Bliss Curl Control Paste and Jelly. These products do what they promise, they smell better than advertised, are filled with potent ingredients and they’re affordable to boot.

So, get your blueberry bliss on and get those curls under control – your hair will thank you for an organic treat and next thing you know, your stylist will be asking you for tips.


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