Bone Combs For Curly Hair

Now that the use of plastic straws has been banned in many countries, plastic toothbrushes have been traded in for the bamboo variety and sustainable fashion is all the latest rage, it’s time for us to consider our hair styling tools as well.

Instead of opting for cheap plastic combs that only subject our hair to static frizz and breakage, we should start making the eco-conscious choice and invest in bone combs instead. Not only are they better for the environment, but they are also much better for your hair and overall scalp health.

Bone combs have been around since prehistoric times and were first discovered in African settlements dating back 5,000 years. At this time, they were mostly made from tortoiseshell and ivory, which led to concerns regarding animal welfare in modern times.

Now, we use bone and horn combs – or wooden combs typically made from box or cherry wood – as an alternative to plastic and can rest assured that these materials are not expressly hunted but, rather, made from naturally-encountered animal bones, usually in Africa and Asia.

Long-haired and curly-haired people are particularly attracted to bone combs as they facilitate the detangling and combing process with wide-tooth designs that glide through your hair smoothly and pain-free.

If you have been considering swapping your regular comb for a bone comb in order to reduce the stress on your hair, familiarize yourself with the best types available on the market. Here is our selection of the best bone combs available on Amazon and retail stores near you.

Real Natural Green Sandalwood Wooden Comb by Erza Scarlet

Erza Scarlet specializes in jewelry, clothing and beauty products, including a wide selection of hair accessories and tools. One of Erza Scarlet’s most popular items is the wooden bone-style comb made out of real, natural green sandalwood.

Each comb is handmade by experienced craftsmen, with hand-polished, rounded tips and a U-shaped groove. Containing natural oils and the calming fragrance of Sandalwood, this comb will allow you to brush any stress or nervous tension right out of your hair. Packaged in a beautiful box, this wooden sandalwood comb also makes for a great gift for any member of your curly-hair community.

Handmade Large Feathering Rake Bone Comb by Charlene

Made from high-quality, 100% natural resin, these handmade, large feathering rake bone combs by Charlene imitate the unique features of bone combs.

Each individual tooth was hand-carved, filed and sand-polished to give it that smooth finish that makes for a comforting and efficient haircare routine. With a heat resistance of up to 500 F, you won’t have to worry about your comb damaging when used in combination with chemical treatments such as bleach or hair dye.

This comb comes in an orange/caramel colour which will turn darker over time. It is the ideal styling tool for feathering and detangling thick, natural hair without tears. It doesn’t snag and you’ll notice the decrease in breakage and hair loos in little to no time.

This rake bone comb may be pricey, but your hair is worth it!

100% Handmade Premium Quality Natural Sheep Horn Comb Without Handle by Myhsmooth

With a professional production history spanning more than 200 years, the US-based, Myhsmooth handicrafts brand, has been providing the long and curly-haired community with quality, handmade wooden and horn combs, brushes and hair sticks for decades.

This 100% handmade, natural sheep horn comb measuring 4.8” x 1.8” x 0.23″, is not only beneficial to your hair but your overall health. These combs are said to reduce hair loss and boost hair growth and, according to Chinese Medicine practices, the pharmacological properties of the horn comb are absorbed into the cortex.

Thanks to its rounded teeth, the comb has a massaging effect on the scalp without causing irritation.

Myhsmooth’s sheep horn comb comes at an affordable price and a compact size, perfect for carrying around in your pocket or handbag, in its cute little pouch.

Wide-Tooth Horn Comb by Savina

Made from 100% natural organic sandalwood and buffalo horn, these wide-tooth horn combs from Savina should form part of every woman’s haircare repertoire.

If you want to be sure that you are treating your hair with styling tools and accessories made from the best possible quality, this is it – and if you’re not convinced, Savina is more than happy to offer a refund or a replacement for your item, making your order risk-free.

Fitted with an artificial leather-strap for easy reach and hanging, your horn comb will soon become a prominent feature in your bathroom or dressing room. Handcrafted from natural sandalwood, it has the right look and the perfect feel on your scalp.

It promises no static, no snags and no tangles, and curly girls the world over agree that they have seen great improvement in their hair with less breakage, more volume and great texture and shine.

Handcrafted Detangling Bone Comb by Nu Bone

If combing and detangling your hair has been a struggle for as long as you can remember, Nu Bone’s handcrafted detangling bone comb could very well be the solution for you.

Compared to similar comes made from quick-molded plastic, these combs are hand-crafted from 100% organic resin which feels great on your scalp.

It has worked wonders for people with varying hair lengths and curl types, even allowing them to easily detangle and comb through their hair when it is wet, without stress or breakage.

With its super-wide teeth and a perfect grip, you’ll save a lot of time on sectioning your hair and getting through your comb-outs – and all that without snagging or ripping.


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