Jane Carter Revive & Repair Hair Masque Review

Most of us spend a decent amount of time on our hair, to ensure that it’s at its optimal health and appearance.

We treat it to our favourite brands of shampoo and conditioners several times a week, and brush it out upon getting up in the morning and before going to bed at night.

Sure, we all have moments – lazy, hungover Sundays anyone? – in which we feel like putting minimal effort into anything. Days on which we don’t even make it out of our pyjamas, let alone work up the energy to detangle our hair.

But that’s OK.

So many of us spend so much time on intricate haircare regimes and hairstyles held together and kept in shape with products varying from gels and mousses, to sprays and creams, our hair – and our arm muscles! – deserve a break now and then.

There is one way to give yourself this welcome break without neglecting your hair entirely, albeit for a day: with a nourishing, repairing hair masque, for example. It fits in perfectly with a relaxing Sunday of self-pampering and relaxing.

I even have a particular hair masque in mind for you, one that will leave your hair feeling refreshed and ready to take on a new week of styles. The Revive & Repair Hair Masque by the Jane Carter brand promises natural hair care solutions with a conscience.

Jane Carter Solutions: Home Grown Hair Care Products for all Hair Types

If you believe in using only naturally derived ingredients that are nice to the planet and your body for your hair, then the Jane Carter Revive & Repair Hair Masque – as well as the rest of their range – is for you. This brand encourages you to “love your hair”.

Made entirely from natural ingredients and completely free from parabens, silicones, mineral oil, glycerine and petroleum, the Jane Carter range of haircare products turns to shea butters, vitamins, essential oils and other botanicals instead.

The result? A refreshing hair care line that leaves your hair smelling like a botanical garden and keeps it nourished and tamed for multiple styling purposes. Need convincing? Get started with their Revive & Repair Hair Masque for proof of these products’ undeniable effectivity.

This hits the spot on your hair and scalp, the way a homemade Bloody Mary might revive and repair your body on a hungover Sunday morning. The way this classic hangover cure is guaranteed to bring a spring back into your step, this masque will bring a bounce back to lank hair.

Infused with maracuja and coconut oils, it provides a deeply nourishing, intensely conditioning treatment that will bring the shine back to dry and damaged hair. Truly moisturizing and hydrating, you’ll hear your strands and your scalp let out a sigh of welcomed relief.

Not Just a Treat for the Hair but the Senses

Just like all of Jane Carter’s products, this masque was developed for both men and women of all ages, different ethnic backgrounds and hair types.

So whether you’re looking to tame a full head of kinky curls, revive your Marley twists or treat your beachy waves to some moisturizing goodness, this product is an excellent choice, and environmentally friendly at that.

Though the main focus of this masque is obviously your hair – be it straight, wavy or curly – it also happens to delight your senses. Though its botanical scent is not overpowering and instead, calmingly light, it has a truly uplifting effect.

The same can be said about the touch. After having treated your hair to this reviving mask, you will find your hands magnetically drawn to it, and having to stop yourself from constantly running them through your soft, wonderful mane.

Lastly, you’ll suddenly find yourself developing the habit of looking in the mirror every time you pass it. And, trust me when I say, others won’t be able to take their eyes off your hair either!

That’s because this masque will give your hair such a refreshing boost, it’ll look as though you have just undergone an expensive hairstyling session at the most prestigious salon in town!

Get the Best Out of Your Revive & Repair Hair Masque

To ensure you reap all the benefits from this amazing masque, apply it to clean wet hair and spend some time detangling your hair to ensure the product is dispersed thoroughly from roots to ends.

Leave your hair to soak in all this natural goodness for five to twenty minutes and rinse it out. Gently dry your hair with a microfibre towel and leave the rest to airdry. Enjoy!


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