Shiseido Adenogen Hair Energizing Formula Review

Our body is our temple and as such, we must treat it that way. In the same way in which we should be paying attention to the food we feed it to fuel it with, we should also be mindful of the products and ingredients we use to treat our hair and our skin.

This is especially true when our hair is already sensitive or prone to certain stressors and therefore presenting an irritable scalp, hair thinning or other clear signs of its natural health being compromised.

Fortunately, we have many wonderful and trusted beauty and haircare brands available to us that can help us through certain hair-related crises or to simply maintain naturally healthy and beautiful hair.

Shiseido is one we have been turning to for over 145 years. This brand has “defined the concept of beauty and spread its knowledge and power onto the world.”

Its founders believed that:

“By inspiring empathy, beauty can become a positive force in the world, and guide the next generation boldly into the future.”

Seeing beauty – and overall wellbeing – as an antidote to the unpleasantness in this world, the Shiseido brand aims to offer a place to retreat, and a feeling worth sharing through its quality skin, haircare and makeup products.

For Shiseido, beauty is everywhere, one just needs to highlight it and bring it into the spotlight. That’s why the brand has always put a special focus on bringing art to the forefront in their choices of packaging for products.

The packaging of each product – especially their exquisite perfume bottles – are a true testament to Shiseido’s understanding of and appreciation for, art and beauty in everything it develops and produces.

Therefore, if you are in search of an energizing formula that will help you restore your hair to its former loveliness and greatest potential, you can rest assured that Shiseido has the right product for you. One that will bring the same splendour to your hair as it does to its packaging.

Shiseido’s Fragrance-Free Adenogen Hair Energising Formula

While one of the most popular aspects of Shiseido’s range of skin and hair care products is most definitely their scent, many of us are sensitive to fragrance or simply prefer neutrality over floral notes and spices.

This is what makes the Adenogen Hair Energising Formula so special – though it is fragrance-free, it still leaves your hair feeling incredibly refreshed and vitalized, adding to the overall feel-good experience of this treatment.

It is an excellent choice for anyone who is undergoing a spell of dull and lifeless hair or those who are experiencing thinning due to stress factors, environmental or hormonal changes.

Its intensely energizing lotion is designed to revitalize your scalp and adding volume to your mane, regardless of your hair type. Like all the most effective remedies for strained hair, the Shiseido Adenogen Hair Energizing Formula focuses on the root of the problem: the scalp.

Made with Adenosine, it stimulates the scalp, thus literally breathing new life into unhappy locks by promoting oxygen delivery and improving microcirculation.

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Refreshing, Revitalizing & Purely Exceptional

They may tell you not to judge a book by its cover or a hair formula by its packaging, but in the case of the Shiseido Adenogen Hair Energizing formula, you have every right to do so. The contents inside of this spectacular bottle are just as effective as you would hope them to be.

It will leave your hair feeling and looking softer and fuller and will make for a smooth and rewarding styling process after use.

You’ll notice an improvement to its texture, it will feel much stronger and less susceptible to breakage, which is exactly what we want for our stressed hair. With a soothing and calming effect on your scalp, this formula gives your hair a chance to relax and return at its best.

While this formula should not be confused with shampoos that are designed to promote hair growth, it will absolutely thicken your strands and leave your full head of hair appearing much more dense and voluminous, which is just as gratifying to anyone experiencing thinning.

The treatment itself is extremely pleasant to work with, it doesn’t feel sticky or greasy upon application and definitely won’t leave your hair feeling that way after rinsing and drying either. Instead, you’ll be left with a natural shine and a light-weight, soft and bouncy feel.

It all Starts with a Clean Scalp and Improved Circulation

If you have spent enough time looking into optimal hair health, you’ll know that your scalp is key to it all. If your scalp is lacking circulation, prone to dryness and greasiness, your hair is going to have a tough time reaping the benefits needed to feel and look healthy.

So, in order to get that bounce and that gorgeous glow back into your hair, you’re going to have to sort your scalp out first by offering it a deeply cleansing, intensely soothing and incredibly refreshing experience – like a three-minute spa-break specifically designed for your scalp.

All this can be achieved with the use of Shiseido’s Adenogen Hair Energizing Formula and, consequently, your hair will be granted the same undeniable advantages, leading to a fuller, healthier and shinier appearance.

Think of this treatment like a shower using your favourite, revitalizing body gel on a particularly hot and stifling day. It can mark all the difference between your energy levels hitting an all-time low, and pumping new life into your veins.

It’s that undeniable combination of spoiling your body to a silky product that works up a softening lather under your hands and on your skin, and the coolness of this mixture with water that gets your brain and your circulation out of its rut and back to working at full capacity.

This is what your hair and scalp experience when treated to the Adenogen Hair Energizing Formula – whether it’s a hot summer’s day or a cold winter night, you can always rest assured that this treatment will leave you with the desired effects.

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