Slap Satin Lined Cap Review

NBC’s incredibly moving hit series, This Is Us, fills many a need for its devoted viewers. It allows us to tune in to our emotions through intricate storytelling and realistic characters, and a welcomed dose of social commentary.

Moreover, it does what many other popular TV shows fail to do: it represents, honours and celebrates natural, black hair in the most loving and delightful ways.

With Beth Pearson leading the way in natural hairstyles, her “little mamas” following suit and, her ever supportive husband, Randall, taking great pride in his wife and daughter’s owning their dos, it sends a positive and empowering message to viewers.

In one of our favourite natural hair positive moments, Randall is quick to point out that, he knows very well what it takes for a woman to take care of her mane:

“Don’t get it twisted, sis. I wake up every day to a headscarf and coconut oil. I’m married to a Black queen.”

This made many of us squeal with excitement – finally a (male!) TV character who recognizes the work that goes into rocking our natural hair. We’re sure his queen would have been dead impressed by this statement too, had she been around to hear it.

While Beth and many other women – in real life and on TV – opt for the silk or satin headscarf Randall referred to here, others prefer keeping their locks in check with The Slap: the satin lined, moisture-retaining sleep cap that resembles a slouchy beanie hat.

The Slap: The Satin-Lined Cap that is Fashionable Enough to Wear Out on a Night with the Girls

Let’s be honest here: one of several reasons why many women opt for the headscarf over conventional sleep caps is because they typically still tend to look like those old school bonnets your great-aunt and nana wear to bed.

And, as much as we love and respect our elders, we don’t really want to look their age when we’re feeling at our most vulnerable (in the mornings) or most sexy (in the evenings). This, and many other reasons have made the headscarf a preferred choice.

Enter the Slap: the satin-lined sleeping cap that does everything your headscarf and those cringe-worthy sleep bonnets do, whilst keeping you looking fashionable enough to head out on the streets for girls night.

Designed to look like a regular, slouchy beanie hat you’d wear with anything from skinny jeans, boots and a loose fitted blouse for a casual day out, to the little black t-shirt dress for a hot date, the Slap keeps us looking and feeling good whenever we choose to wear it – no shame at all.

Someone comes a-knocking first thing in the morning, when you’re still nursing your coffee in your pyjamas? No biggie. No need to slip your sleep cap off first in order to look presentable. But, of course, the fact the Slap is fashionable is not the main reason behind its popularity.

Versatile Headwear Designed to Keep Your Hair Happy & Healthy Looking

Now that you know that the Slap from e-commerce brand, Grace Eleyae, is made for all types of occasions in mind, you’re probably left with one burning question: what makes it so comfortable and great for your natural curls?

Well, for one, it is lined with charmeuse satin and, satin, as we will all agree is right up there with silk as far as our curls are concerned.

Not only is this type of fabric soft and gentle on our hair, but it also retains the much-needed moisture we spend all our time and money feeding it with – cue the coconut oil! – to ensure frizz-free, soft curls.

Designed so as to remain neatly tucked inside the cap, you can rest assured satin is the only fabric your hair will come into contact with, thus keeping it in optimal conditions to distribute your curls’ natural oils naturally and effectively.

It also protects your follicles – even during hectic days and wild nights – prompting hair growth. Grace Eleyae offers a whole range of different Slap models, most of which are adjustable, though typically, one size fits all.

You won’t have to worry about handwashing either, simply stick it in with your delicates and hang it out to air dry.

Keep Those Curls in Check Night & Day

If you’re worried about whether your 4c type afro locks will comfortably fit into the Slap, don´t – there are different models available for short or long, thick hair types to ensure maximum comfort.

Order a set of Slaps in different colours – burgundy, blue, black, olive green, etc. – to mix and match with your favourite outfits or pyjamas. Wear it with your hair completely tucked away or show off your bangs for a leisurely look paired with your best hoop earrings.

So there you have it, the Slap really is the ideal keeper of natural curls – night and day!

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