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Tangle Teezer Review

There is no question about it – long, voluminous hair is a thing of true beauty. If it’s cared for properly, that is. No one wants to be running their hands through what feels like a birds nest or be stuck walking behind a head full of knotted hair we’re tempted to untangle.

That’s why the decision to grow your hair out is one that requires a lot of commitment. Forget about waking up in the mornings, spending five minutes on your hair and heading out of the door with no care in the world, the way you used to when you rocked the pixie cut.

A long hairdo – and by that we mean anything at around shoulder length – needs some extra tender loving care in the mornings and evenings, especially if you’ve been blessed with thick strands.

Ok so, you don’t have to take your grandma’s advise of brushing through your hair exactly 100 times every night quite that literally, but there’s definitely a truth to the myth of a thorough brushing session at least once daily.

Not only will it help you get rid of all those annoying tangles that tend to build up during the day – and especially at night – but it will also help stimulate your scalp’s blood flow and disperse your hair’s natural oils evenly, promoting extra growth.

Finding the Right Brush for Your Hair

One of the most difficult things when it comes to proper hair care is finding the right comb or brush that works for you. Someone with very thick, long hair is likely to a have a tough time trying to get a comb through their hair, unless, perhaps, it is naturally curly.

On the flip side, someone with thin hair will perceive a brush to be a tad too heavy-duty and may fear unnecessary breakage. The scalp should also be considered when making a choice: a comb might feel gentler on a sensitive scalp because we don’t typically exert pressure with it.

So where does that land us, and is there an option that benefits all hair types – the long, the short, the thin, the thick and everything in between?

Why, yes, as it turns out, there is, and it will turn your daily haircare regime into a breeze, as it will help you “teeze” out all those tangles quickly, easily and painlessly.

The Tangle Teezer: A Must for All Hair Types

According to Allure, this is the brush used by makeup legends such as Pat McGrath behind the scenes of fashion weeks around the world. Allure’s Elizabeth Siegel says.

“The Tangle Teezer is a favourite of beauty industry greats, even though it looks like a kid’s toy,”

Yes, it really does look a little bit like an accessory for your kiddo’s Barbie doll – especially in its range of millennial, pastel colours –  but it packs a lot more power than you could ever imagine. And all without causing any breakage or otherwise damaging your hair.

The Tangle Teezer is available both with or without a handle, which truly is a matter of preference.

While those with thicker, shoulder-length hair may prefer the easy and close grip of the handle-less variety, those with waist-long mermaid hair probably gravitate towards the one equipped with a handle, for a looser grip and more flexibility in getting right down to those tips.

As its name already suggests, the main thing this brush was designed to do – besides brightening up your assortment of haircare accessories and enhancing your locks – is to get rid of all those stubborn tangles.

Yes, precisely the ones that often accumulate into frizz balls and amateur dreadlocks when left unattended. Whether you choose to use the Tangle Teezer on wet or dry hair, the results will leave you extremely satisfied and you’re hair looking and feeling its best.

The Tangle Teezer website

The Ultimate Detangling Brush

Featuring 325 two-tiered teeth, this compact detangling brush fits easily into your handbag, and is available in a range of colours including pastel blue, green and pink, as well as classic tones such as black.

If you really want to brighten up your range of hair care accessories, you can also opt for the pastel lilac model adorned with emoji-style designs including a unicorn, a peace-sign and a rainbow.

Winner of the 2019 Cew UK beauty awards, and four-time winner of Allure’s Best of Beauty Award, you can rest assured that the Tangle Teezer really does live up to its hype.

Use it to spread your leave-in conditioner, to detangle your wet mane after your weekly swimming session and reach for it whenever you go through your daily haircare routine – your beautiful locks will thank you for it.

Get it on the official website here:


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