The Best Eco Style Gel Product Reviews

The fall season is upon us, bringing with it its volatile winds, misty mornings and cold and cozy nights. The seasonal change may have given us a great excuse to change up our wardrobes again, but it also comes with new responsibilities.

Just as we’ve nailed our summer hair care routine, it’s time to rethink or styling methods for the autumn and winter. Changes in the weather, as we all know, can turn our hair into wandering birds’ nests if not tended to correctly.

So, before you start spending too much time matching your gloves to your winter coat, you’d better be sure you’ve got a season-proof styling gel lined up for the next six months because you’re going to need it – especially if you’ve got curls.

If you want your hair to look as flawless as your seasonal outfits, follow the sounds of the curly girl gospel and hop on the Eco Style Gel bandwagon. It weathers all seasons in relentless style without leaving a visible trace of its existence: i.e. it doesn’t leave a tacky residue.

The Favorite: EcoStyler Olive Oil Styling Gel

EcoStyler Olive Oil Styling Gel

The ECOCO brand sells various styling gel products featuring ingredients such as shea butter, black castor and flaxseed oil and even unicorn glitter if you’re in need of a little magic in your life.

The favorite – especially among people with tight type 4 curls – is the Eco Style Olive Oil Styling Gel. As it is alcohol-free, it is gentle on sensitive scalps and does not dry out the skin or the hair. And yet, it is thick enough to hold whatever you’ve got going on – even your puff will stay puffed on the windiest of November days.

The 100% pure olive oil contained in the Eco Styler styling gel makes for a moisturizing experience that can be seen and felt on all hair types. Known to prevent dandruff, olive oil also helps to stimulate hair growth – instead of an itch, you might feel a tickle of hair rejuvenation instead.

The Close Second: Moroccan Argan Oil EcoStyler Gel

EcoStyler Moroccan Argan Oil Gel

Argan oil has been a go-to ingredient for hair and skincare for centuries. Its hydrating properties and unmistakably sweet scent have found their way into this EcoStyler Gel to keep that spring-time-shine and that summer bounce in your hair all year round.

ECOCO’s Moroccan Argan Oil EcoStyler Gel is a great choice for type 2 and 3 wavy hair and it works equally as well on thick, relaxed hair. It will keep your frizz under control even when the humidity in the air is out of control.

While this Moroccan argan oil gel is thick, it does not quite have the strength to keep a hold on type 4 curls. It will keep your edges down nice and smooth though, regardless of your hair type.

From Wash & Go’s to Corn Rows

Whether you’re trying to pull off a Lorelai Gilmore, Friday-Night-Dinner wave during a Hartford snowstorm or a bold-type Kat Edison, in a fashion-closet topknot on a hot New York Night, the EcoStyler will make it happen.

Using the right styling techniques – applied as a wash & go, to define curls, smooth down braids, etc. – this gel can keep a hold on your boldest hairdos. With a maximum hold of 10, you can afford to put it to the test.

The EcoStyler products can be quite pricy but fair considering that a little goes a very long way: a 235ml tub can last several months depending on use and hair length/type. Compared to other brands on the market, the EcoStyler Gel is affordable in its reliability and efficiency.


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