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The Best Hair Steamers

In almost every old-school chick-flick or rom-com movie, there comes the moment a squad of girlfriends or a woman on the mend from a broken heart, take to the beauty salon, only to sit under a big, plastic, sci-fi-looking hood for an hour or two.

If you’re not as beauty and hair savvy as the girls at the salon, you may have mistaken these sci-fi contraptions for a hair tool specifically reserved for perms and 50s style dos such as the bouffant or duck tails. Oh, but they do so much more than that!

Hair steamers may come in different shapes and forms these days, but their mission remains the same: to moisturize and strengthen your beautiful head of hair. They add elasticity to your hair and revitalize colored hair, giving it a new shine.

You no longer need to go to the salon for a steaming-session either. Though, obviously, if it forms part of your social routine, go right ahead. There are different types of hair steamer brands available for you to use at home, if you’d rather hang out in your PJs while your hair’s having a steam.

Change up your haircare routine by investing in a hair steamer and you can always schedule your steaming-time according to what takes your fancy. Either on your own while binging the latest Netflix show as you do so or with your girlfriends in your living-room’s own makeshift salon.

Handheld vs Hooded Steamers

If you’re considering investing in your own hair steamer, you should consider whether you’ll want to opt for a hooded steamer like the one you’d frequent in a salon or a handheld steamer.

If you’re opting for a hooded steamer, there are several things you’ll want to pay special attention to, the most important being the water reservoir. For relaxed and uninterrupted steaming sessions, you’ll want to ensure your hooded steamer comes equipped with a heavy-duty water reservoir.

A big water reservoir will allow for even steaming throughout your sessions, and you won’t have to worry about interrupting it at any point to refill the reservoir. If you can find a hooded steamer with a timer feature even better – should the water be running low, it will warn you ahead of time.

Another thing you’ll want to look into, is whether your hooded steamer is easily portable and can be adjusted to your height, to ensure optimal comfort. There’s no point in investing in an at-home hooded hair steamer if you’re not going to feel as pampered as you would at the salon.

If you can find a hair steamer with an ozone feature – go for it! These models will feed your hair and scalp with a steady supply of oxygen, which will help to remove any dirt build-up and relieve itchiness while nourishing your hair thoroughly.

While a hooded hair steamer is a great choice for anyone looking to instate a new haircare routine at home, it’s not the ideal tool for those who are forever on the road. It is not exactly the most compact tool to travel with!

This is where the handheld hair steamer comes in as a top choice: it’s compact, easily portable and does the job perfectly. As an added extra, it’ll even help you build those arm muscles – so that new and improved look doesn’t just stop at your hair.

With the use of a handheld hair steamer, you can easily cover most of your strands and focus on any part of your head/hair you want to. This is not possible with a hooded steamer that works on the entire head.

A handheld steamer will moisturize and hydrate your hair and will also allow you to restyle or detangle your hair in a quick and efficient manner. With this tool, you’ll always look good – whether you’re on the go or staying local for the night.

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Salon Quality at Home: Professional Hair Steamers

You never feel quite as good about your hair as you do when you come out of the salon. And while we all like to convince ourselves that our hairdressers are in possession of some kind of magic potion that keeps us coming back, the reality is, they simple have access to the best tools.

And, better yet, you don’t need to form part of secret hairstylist associations to get your hands on an industry standard, professional hair steamer like the one in your local salon.

Ejoyous Standing Salon Hair Steamer

Ejoyous Standing Salon Hair Steamer

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This is an adjustable 250V spa hair steamer with 360° rotation. This is as close as you will get to the ones used in salons and beauty shops.

The height, rotations and steam angle are all adjustable giving you a relaxing and enjoyable experience.

Atmos Salon Professional Hair Steamer

Atmos Salon Professional Hair Steamer

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Made by the trusted, UK-based Aphrodite company, a key player in hair products ranging from dryers and hair colouring foil trolley stations, to portable backwash basins, you can trust the Atmos Hair Steamer to have the same bewitching affect as your standing appointment at the salon.

Featuring thermostat and timer controls and an adjustable stand, this professional hair steamer is powerful and built to last for many a hairstyling season.

Elitzia’s 2 in 1 Ionic Ozone Facial and Hair Steamer

Elitzia’s 2 in 1 Ionic Ozone Facial and Hair Steamer

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For a professional hair steamer that works all the wonders without taking up all the space, go for Elitzia’s 2 in 1 Ionic Ozone Facial and Hair Steamer.  This at-home hair salon is compact and easy to dissemble, allowing you to set up shop quickly and efficiently any time you want.

Its ionic function opens the hair cuticles and promotes the absorption of nutrients, strengthening the roots and softening your strands. It comes with a small filter for essential oils and four aroma therapy functions designed for deep penetration and a soothing treatment.

This 2 in 1 Ionic Ozone Facial and Hair Steamer only takes three to five minutes to heat up to the desired temperature – no waiting around, no fiddly assembly. Lean back into the hood, get comfortable and enjoy this gentle hair treatment for a relaxing fifteen to twenty minutes.

If you’re in need for a little extra after a tiring week that had you exercising your frowning muscles a little more than you would have liked, go for the ultimate Friday night combo: a haircare session followed by a rejuvenating facial steam.

Filfeel Conditioning Rolling Spa Machine

Filfeel Conditioning Rolling Spa Machine

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Doesn’t it just sound amazing? Your own little hooded, hair steaming robot, on call 24/7, ready to make your wildest haircare routine dreams come true.

This quality hooded hair steaming and conditioning machine is designed to give your hair an at-home spa-day whenever you need it. Creating a hot vapor, it stimulates micro hair circulation, allowing the oils of your favoured hair treatment to penetrate easily and deeply.

With two power switches (450w and 750w), a timer and a built-in double heating wire, this mobile and height adaptable model is equipped with top of the line features that guarantee safety and durability. For only £75.93 this rolling spa machine provides great quality at an unbeatable price.


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Another great option is this salon-style, moveable hair steamer with a heating cap from Cocoarm. The support bar can be adjusted to the desired height and the evaporation cap rotates 360, allowing for full and even hair treatment.

This hair steamer generates soothing and moisturizing fine water mist and comes equipped with a waste pot, so you don’t have to worry about any residual water or oil drips. Just sit back and reap the full benefits of this at-home hair spa treatment.

Hooded Hair Steamers for All Hair Types

If you’re looking to invest in a hair steamer that will work on all hair-types to ensure your stay-at-home spa-days with your girlfriends will be a hit for everyone, check out the Secura S-192 Hair and Facial Steamer.

It’s incredibly simple to assemble and you can rest assured that you’ll come out of your steaming sessions – whether for your hair or your skin – feeling silky-smooth and worth a million dollars. Not bad considering this stellar beauty gadget is available for a reasonable price. It truly is worth every penny!

The Secura S-192 Hair and Facial Steamer works great on all hair and skin types, even high porosity hair and oily skin. Most customers love combining their deep conditioning and facial mask routines with a good ol’ steaming session to reap the full benefits of the treatments.

Once you’re done treating your hair with a hydrating, softening steaming session that is guaranteed to prevent breakage and split ends, you can convert the Secura S-192 into a facial steamer in a matter of seconds.

Equipped with a facial spray rod, this gadget’s ultra-fine mist will unclog your pores and get rid of any oil, grime or dirt residues. This is the ideal treatment to undergo prior to applying a facemask: trust us, your face will feel as soft as a baby’s butt – we may not want to admit it, but ultimately, that’s what we’re all after, isn’t it?

Magic Gel’s Luxury Cordless Hair Steamer Cap

Magic Gel’s Luxury Cordless Hair Steamer Cap

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If you’ve been wondering whether there is an alternative to hooded hair steamers that come with a stand and a cord, you’ll be happy to know that there is indeed another option: Magic Gel’s Luxury Cordless Hair Steamer Cap.

This product is the ideal choice for at-home beauty queens who want to reap all the benefits from a lush hair steaming session, without having to compromise on space and comfort.

Unlike hooded steamers with adjustable stands which tend to take up a lot of space and require unsightly cords running through the length of your living room just begging you to trip up, this hair steamer cap is a cordless all-in-one-affair.

The Magic Gel Luxury Cordless Hair Steamer Cap comes in a hot pink colour and fits a maximum head circumference of up to 70cm. If ever you decide to enter a hat competition, this cap is bound to stand out for its unique style, eye-catching colour and hair-strengthening functions.

The outer side of the cap is made from PVC, nylon and a soft lycra layer, making for a comfortable steaming experience. To ensure maximum and long-lasting heat, the interior of the cap is made up of water, glycerol, SAP and Korean clay.

This is the steaming cap YouTube and beauty bloggers rave about and you’ll find out why after just three sessions with this luxurious Magic Gel product: your hair will become noticeably softer, stronger and more elastic after just three uses.

Simply wash or wet your hair and scrunch it dry with a microfiber towel. Massage in your favourite conditioner or hair mask, detangling your strands as you go. Once you’re ready for some deep conditioning, start preparing your cap.

Place it in the microwave for 40 seconds at a 700W setting. Once the microwave signals the end of the heating process, carefully take it out and gently massage the entirety of the cap to disperse the heat properly. You can always heat it for another ten seconds if needed.

Before you slip the Magic Gel cap onto your head, place one of the disposable shower caps over your head (there are two included in this package), for extra nutrient absorption and protection.

Twenty minutes is all it takes for this Luxury Cordless Hair Steamer Cap to work its magic. Whether you have high or low porosity hair, you can rest assured that your conditioner will penetrate deep into the follicles thanks to the thermal heat produced by this cap.

The heat opens the scalp up naturally, allowing the oils and vitamins contained in your treatment to work to the best of its abilities, leaving you with perfect results.

In fact, your friends will have a hard time believing your beautiful hair is the result of a DIY job – it will look salon treated!

Some hair and beauty bloggers have likened the Magic Gel Luxury Cordless Hair Steamer Cap experience to “a jacuzzi on your head” – who wouldn’t want to give that a try? Haircare should be a relaxing and nourishing experience and this cap will ensure that it is, every time.

You can get up to 300 uses from the Magic Gel steamer cap, without ever noticing a decrease in performance. And the fact that you can use it anytime and anywhere – without having to sit still in a rigid position throughout the duration of the process, makes it all the more attractive.

Move around freely and finish getting yourself ready for a girl’s night out or lay back comfortably whilst watching your favourite movies and doing your nails. This is the ideal haircare and styling gadget for the modern, multi-tasking woman!

Best Hooded Hair Steamers for Thick & Curly Hair

For the ultimate spa-day at home, the KINGDOMCARES 2-in-1 Hair and Facial Steamer comes highly recommended by a community of thick and curly haired DIYers. With its extra facial steaming feature, you’ll be saving a lot of money on regular wellness centre and beauty salon visits.

Equipped with a powerful atomizer, the KINGDOMCARES 2-in-1 Hair and Facial Steamer generates ultra-fine mist that will work true magic on your hair and face. Your hair and skin will absorb the steam in record time, thus making this tool attractive for the processing of facial masks or hair treatments as well.

Incredibly easy to operate and adjustable to your required height, this 2-in-1 Hair and Facial Steamer is a real treat to use. Just activate it by pressing the button and you’re good to go. It is equipped with an intelligent safety warning system that will alert you if your water is running low and will shut off automatically should you have forgotten to refill.

Its built-in ozone generator is particularly attractive for anyone suffering from a sensitive scalp or dandruff as it removes dirt build-up, thus preventing any irritation. The nano-steamer function uses pure ionic water particles, making skin penetration ten times more effective.

Within just 15 minutes, the KINGDOMCARES hair steamer will open your cuticles and allow for deep hydration and moisturizing. This beauty-gadget comes highly recommended for people with lots of thick and curly hair, as it makes detangling and styling so much easier, time-efficient and pain-free.

It is also ideal for those who go through time-consuming haircare routines, such as those necessary for 4 type curls. Fifteen minutes under this hair steamer will make your favourite conditioner truly prove its worth!

Q-Redew: The Best Handheld Hair Steamer

If you can’t fit those leisurely spa-moments into your hectic schedule but still want to look the part, you should ditch the hooded hair steamer for a handheld gadget. It will have the same effects but will save you a whole lot of time and space in your carry-on.

The Q-Redew is currently the most popular handheld hair steamer on the market and was specifically designed to help you with all those annoying styling glitches. It will detangle tangled hair in a matter of seconds, will reshape any dos that have fallen out of place and give you volume on the days on which your hair just seems to want to fall flat.

Whether you’ve got thick, tightly-curled and textured hair or fine, straight and unruly hair, the Q-Redew works on all hair-types and only takes minutes to achieve optimal results. Allowing you to control the steam, you can adjust settings according to your hair’s needs.

Unlike hooded hair steamers, which focus their steam on the entire head, the Q-Redew allows you to control where the steam is applied. This will also make it easier for you to handle frizz-situations though, you should be warned: if you’re naturally prone to extremely frizzy hair, this gadget won’t be able to work miracles.

This handheld steamer applies 100% natural steam, completely free of chemicals or any other ingredients that could damage your hair or build up unnecessary residues. Instead of drawing moisture out of the hair, as is common with many styling tools using heat, the Q-Redew adds moisture, making it a safe option for long-term use.

Its water reservoir holds approximately 3 ounces of water, which translates into around nine minutes of continuous use. Once the reservoir is empty, it simply needs to be refilled – reheating is unnecessary.

For optimal results, we recommend using distilled water to ensure your detachable hair steaming device enjoys a prolonged life. It is important not to add any scents or oils to the water reservoir as this could cause irreparable damage.

You can follow your usual haircare routine using gels, shampoos, mouse and deep conditioners or reactivate water-based products already in your hair with the steam. It will leave your hair feeling soft, hydrated and healthy.

Customers with coils, kinks, curls or waves are particularly taken with the Q-Redew as it cuts their styling and detangling time in half and always guaranteed great hair in just a few minutes.

Steam, Style & Slay

Don’t waste your precious time and money frequenting a hair and beauty salon when you could be getting your steam on at home using a hooded or handheld steaming device. Always having this beauty gadget within easy reach will facilitate your life and hair routine.

Regardless of your hair type and economic circumstances, there are plenty of fairly priced, quality hair steamers on the market, and they are sure to give your mane and skin the luxuriously gentle and effective treatment needed to make you feel your very best.

Just imagine how amazing it is going to be, exiting your home in the mornings, looking like you just stepped out of your local wellness centre – especially if you decide to invest in a 2-in-1 solution that can be converted into a facial steam gadget in just a few minutes.

Using a hair steaming device, you can style and moisturize your hair to your own liking and give extra attention to any area on your head that is in need of some extra hydrating or rejuvenation.

The best part: you can use these hair steamers – whether hooded or handheld, 2-in-1 or strictly hair steaming – to make an event out of your spa-days with all your girlfriends waiting in line to steam, style and slay!


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