Aunt Jackie’s Oh So Clean Shampoo Review

If you know what’s good for the body, mind and soul, you’re already treating yourself to regular, beautifully scented and soothing bubble baths. They loosen your muscles, calm the mind and leave your skin feeling silky smooth and moisturized.

Aunt Jackie’s range of hair products aims to do the same for your hair with natural oils, butters, moisturizers and conditioners.

This brand believes in using all the nourishing ingredients found on “good ole’ mother earth” and uses them to create potent blends designed to nourish and treat all types of curls. From shampoos to styling gels – you can always count on Aunt Jackie’s Curls & Coils products to keep your hair in check.

The one that truly stands out as a real spa treatment for your curls is Aunt Jackie’s Oh So Clean Shampoo. Cleansing your hair with this hydrating shampoo has the same effect on your curls as a bubble bath does on your body: it’s soothing, cleansing and relaxing.

An Energizing Hair Bath for Chronically Dry Hair

Curls are thirstier than any dog on the hottest day – they are prone to dry out quicker than a poodle caught out in a heatwave and need more moisturizing than your retriever’s paws after a city sprint in summer. And this, all year round.

The only way to revive chronically dry curls is with a blend of carefully selected ingredients known to moisturize and hydrate damaged, parched hair.

Featuring secret weapons against shrinkage and frizz, such as shea butter and olive oil, Aunt Jackie’s Oh So Clean Shampoo offers a two-in-one solution: it feeds your hair the moisturizing ingredients needed for a healthy shine and bouncy curls and facilitates detangling and styling.

This lather-rich and naturally fragrant hair-bath really allow even the thickest of curls to come out squeaky clean without drying them out or weighing them down. Massage it into wet hair using your fingertips, and allow that fresh, beachy smell to fill your senses.

This haircare regime will quickly form part of your bubble bath routine: a glorious moment of self-care with a quality product that guarantees amazing results.

Detangling into Softness

The thing we dread the most on hair-washing days is the detangling process during the shower and/or the brushing process post-shower. Curls are infamous for turning into a mess of tangles when not treated properly, making wash-day all the more painful.

As any considerate aunt would, Aunt Jackie’s thought of something to make the post-shampoo care go by effortlessly and, most importantly, pain-free. With an enrichening blend of coconut and extra virgin olive oil, your tresses with feel soft to the touch.

Quenched, full and silky, your hair will detangle easily, allowing you to glide your finger-comb or brush through in one smooth motion. Aunt Jackie’s Oh So Clean shampoo leaves you with the ideal slip to care for and style your hair.

For Curls, Coils and Waves

It’s not always easy to find a shampoo that works across varying curl types. What might make coily hair feel light and bouncy could end in an undefined mess for the wavy types. The Oh So Clean shampoo, on the other hand, is gentle enough for loose curl types whilst still being effective for tighter textures.

Find the quantities needed for the best effects on your personal hair type and you’ll happily adopt this hydrating shampoo as your new chief in haircare. Free of sulfates, parabens, mineral oil and petrolatum, this is the ideal product to help you manage unruly and tired curls.

You can always rely on Aunt Jackie’s products to get your hair out of a rut.


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