Best Bouclème Products – Reviews (My Favourites)

Some women need gourmet chocolate bonbons from Belgium, others will be just as chuffed with a box of chocolates from the gas station. You could say the same about hair, only, in that case, it’s more of need rather than a taste thing.

Following this example, curly girls are definitely the picky ones, the ones who need “gourmet” products for their hair, lest they want to end up with ball of frizz atop their heads or major breakage.

Those with straight to wavy hair types, can afford to be a little less picky – which isn’t to say they don’t like a bit of pampering or splurge on fancier products anyway. But that’s usually more of a choice rather than a necessity.

Curly hair is delicate and complicated, therefore special attention should be paid to a products’ ingredients, specifically when it comes to silicones and sulphates. Michele Scott-Lynch, the founder of the popular Boucléme brand, knows all about how difficult this can be.

In fact, a lack of curl-friendly ingredients is what prompted Scott-Lynch – who rocks a head of beautiful curls herself – to found her own brand in the first place.

“After researching the ingredients of curly hair ranges, I found that the majority of products available were sulphate and silicone based – 2 ingredients that perpetuate the problem of dry, frizzy curls,” she told MinMax Beauty.

“One strips the hair of all protective oils, and the other, a non-water soluble film former, gives the illusion of smooth and sleek hair but prevents much need moisture from entering the shaft,” she explains.

“The only thing that can remove silicone is sulphates, so it becomes a vicious circle of curls being dried out by sulphates and requiring more silicone to fix it.”

So, Michele took it upon herself to find natural and effective alternatives. This was no easy feat but, following some experimentations with flax seed gel and conditioners, she found a formula that would ultimately form the basis of the Bouclème brand.

Boucléme: The Brand that Helps You Love Your Curls & Care for the Environment

Whether you’re looking for a new brand to treat your own curls with or are trying to find the right product to help you care for your children’s locks, Boucléme ticks all the boxes. It goes about haircare the same way we might go about our diet and skincare products.

Why would we want to load our skin and our bodies with chemical ingredients and preservatives that may promise tempting short-term results, but cause more harm than good in the long-run?

And why wouldn’t we follow the same philosophy when it comes to our curls? Boucléme’s products make it easy for us to be conscious about what we nourish our hair with. Most importantly, they are completely free from sulphates, parabens and silicones.

You can tell just by the way these products are packaged that, Boucléme cares just as much about your hair as it does about the environment. The packaging is 100% recyclable and recognizable by its cute designs and colours.

On top of that, whenever you purchase a 300 ml bottle from the company website, you’re also contributing to a healthy, blossoming future planet, because the brand – in partnership with Trees for the Future – will plant a tree.

If you’re a UK curly girl who has spent the last years splurging on all the most popular, overseas haircare products for lack of better local alternatives, you’re in luck too. The brand name may sound exotic, but it is a small, UK based company.

In other words, you’ll be able to save on shipping costs, reduce your carbon footprint and support a national, small business – it’s a win-win situation for everyone!

The Boucleme website

Natural Haircare for all Curl Types: Bouclème’s Top 5 Products

It’s no surprise Bouclème has become so popular. Listening to Scott-Lynch’s personal experience with, and knowledge of all curl types, we immediately know we’re dealing with a pro here. She really knows what she’s talking about, so we know her products will deliver.

“Curly hair tends to naturally be drier than other hair types, and frizz is a sign that hair lacks moisture. Our range uses virgin coconut and argan oils that are molecularly small enough to penetrate deep into the hair shaft, delivering moisture where it’s needed most.”

The vitamin E, omega 3, 6 and 9 and other antioxidants, ensure your hair is not only strengthened from the inside out, it also protects your curls from free radicals.

Add to that the hydrating, conditioning properties of Linseed and Aloe Vera leaf extract, and you’ve got yourself a winning concoction made to make your hair visibly and tangibly happier and healthier.

My Favourite Boucléme Products

Though I will gladly vouch for Boucléme’s entire range of hair care products, there are five that stand out as some of the most popular choices among the curly girl community.

Boucleme Curl Cleanser

First up, we’ve got the non-foaming Curl Cleanser for all you co-washers out there. The Marie Claire winner for Best Shampoo for Curly Hair in 2019, cleanses the scalp and provides optimal hydration and is a great choice for dry scalps.

Featuring spearmint for a minty-fresh feeling and pomegranate extract for improved blood circulation, the Curl Cleanser was awarded a naturally derived plant power rating of 98%.

Get it here:

Boucleme Curl Conditioner

The citrus-scented Curl Conditioner is a true curly-girl favourite too – and why wouldn’t it be? This unique formulation brings a bounce back into your curls by giving it a super hydrating treatment without weighing your hair down. It is even suitable for wavy hair.

Get it here:

Boucleme Intensive Moisture Treatment

If your curls are extra thirsty, you can also opt to use it as a leave-in conditioner. The same goes for the Intensive Moisture Treatment, which just happens to be another Marie Claire Award winner in the category Best Product for Afro Hair.

Get it here:

Boucleme Curl Defining Gel and Super Hold Styler

Protecting your hair from environmental stressors and quenching dry hair’s thirst, this Intensive Moisture Treatment improves flexibility and makes your curls much more manageable.

In terms of styling products, the curly community is all about Bouclème’s Curl Defining Gel and their Super Hold Styler, both of which provide a fantastic hold without any flaky or sticky residue.

Get them here:

Why Make the Switch from Your Former Haircare Products to Bouclème

A lot of people get to know Bouclème when looking for alternatives to the DevaCurl brand. As much as we all love DevaCurl, as I mentioned before, having it shipped over to the UK will quickly work up an astronomical bill.

While these products are still on the pricier side, at least you’ll save yourself the extra shipping costs, knowing you are supporting a small business and contributing to a cleaner environment.

There are more reasons for making the switch, though. For one, Boucléme only has one product in its range that features protein ( the Intensive Moisture Treatment). That alone will make many a curly girl happy because not all curls react positively to protein.

If you’re sensitive to strong scents, you may also find that the Boucléme products are much gentler on your nostrils. While they all smell wonderfully natural, they are not quite as overpowering as those found in DevaCurl’s range of products.

So here we are – we know it’s not always easy to move on to another haircare brand when you’ve become accustomed to your go-to products over the years, but sometimes it’s really worth it. For your hair, your wallet and the environment!


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