Alternatives to DevaCurl in the UK

Getting to know and understand your curls is an exciting journey, one that will lead to a head of fuller, healthier hair and bouncier locks. It can, however, take a long time, a lot of research and a whole lot of love and patience to get there.

If you haven’t yet spent a decent amount of time reading up on the best curl treatments and watching all the amazing YouTube videos available offering advice on how to get the very best out of your natural hair, you’ll be surprised at just how much it takes to get it right.

It’s not just about learning about the correct ways to style them – it’s basically about re-learning everything you thought you were doing right in terms of haircare. If you’ve never achieved a full and bouncy look even though your hair is naturally curly, you’ve been doing it all wrong.

And by all, we mean everything – from the way you wash and dry your hair, from the products and tools you’ve been using – hairdryers and brushes, we’re looking at you! – to the styling techniques you’ve been following religiously up until now.

Hence, a proper education in curl care offered by YouTubers such as Penny Tovar, Woman in the Jungle and Hair Romance, can be truly enlightening. They’ll teach you all there is to know about plopping, terrycloth vs microfibre towels and diffusing.

Most importantly, they’ll give you the low down on all the best products on the market. From hydrating co-washes and hair masks, to quenching conditioners and strengthening curl custards – they know all about the good stuff and are happy to share their knowledge with you.

Unfortunately, there’s often a downside to getting super stoked about your favourite Vlogger’s product reviews, especially if they are based outside of the UK or are sponsored by overseas brands – you won’t be able to get a hold of them yourself and if so, at an astronomical cost.

So, what to do when, all you’ve been hearing about is the range of fabulous DevaCurl products and the amazing effects it has on curls, but you can’t get it in the UK?

There really is no need to splurge on ridiculous shipping costs and import prices when you can get hold of fantastic alternatives in the UK. Let’s take a look at all the haircare and styling products available on British grounds!

Can’t Find the Right Products in the UK? You Can Too – Use Cantu!

The homepage of the Cantu website

For a great alternative to DevaCurl – which would cost you around £20 for 335ml in the UK – look into the wide range of super popular and efficient Cantu products for all your curl-care needs.

Whether you’re looking for a sulphate-free hydrating cream conditioner, a curling cream or a replenishing leave-in masque for days on which you want to treat yourself and your curls to some extra pampering, Cantu has you covered.

Everything you could possibly need to get you started on a healthy and successful curl care journey with Cantu is readily available here in the UK: at your local Tesco or Boots, or online via Amazon or Superdrug.

The Cantu brand even offers an assortment of detangling combs and brushes that guarantee to be a total gamechanger when it comes to caring for, and styling your beautiful mane.

SheaMoisture Products for All Curl Types

When in doubt, always trust in brands and products that have been used for decades – because there is going to be good reason for their long-lasting success on the market. This is certainly the case with SheaMoisture, another great alternative to the DevaCurl products.

The products we know by the name of SheaMoisture today, were first developed by Sofi Tucker back in 1912. This is when she first started selling her very own, homemade beauty preparations in Sierra Leone.

Her family has continued to honour her vision by formulating their range of hair and skin products using raw shea butter handcrafted by women in Africa.

Whether you’re looking to try their Jamaican black castor oil leave-in conditioner or a raw shea butter detangler, you can rest assured that their products are made to “stimulate, soothe, surprise and speak to all the senses” and, most importantly, your curls.

Using only the best, hand-selected ingredients gathered from around the world, SheaMoisture offers haircare and styling products for all curl types, all of which are free of harmful ingredients such as petroleum, mineral oil. Parabens, formaldehyde and phthalates.

For Curls Only: London-based Brand, Only Curls

While DevaCurl’s UK prices are probably the main thing that is keeping you from investing in their products, there’s another great incentive in terms of looking for alternatives: embarking on a mission to buy locally – or, at least, nationally – whenever possible.

If this year has taught us anything, it’s that we must support our local businesses to guarantee a sustainable future. Enter Curls Only, the London-based brand that is making it extremely easy for you to get wonderful haircare and styling products for your locks.

“Packed with natural, nourishing ingredients that penetrate and hydrate the hair, bringing curls back to life,” this brand is encouraging curly girls all over the country to ditch the chemicals, throw out their hair straighteners and embrace their natural curls.

Via Only Curls, you will not only be treated to quality products such as their conditioners, curl-enhancing gels, cleansers and cremes featuring natural ingredients such as avocado, coconut and aloe, you will also be treated to a friendly and personalized customer experience.

As we all well know, keeping our curls happy and healthy can be very costly, considering we need various products for different aspects of haircare – from washing and conditioning, to styling.

Understanding the needs of curly-girls, Only Curls offers fantastic bundles that will end up saving you quite a few pennies. Whether you opt for the full-sized selection of haircare and styling bundles or the minis – they are well worth it!

Faith in Nature and UK-based Skin and Haircare Brands

Yes, it truly is time to put our faith in nationally and locally made products to help boost our local economy and our own health. Afterall, it is believed that, locally sourced ingredients – be they for nourishment or haircare – are absorbed best by our bodies.

It really is true: “companies that are slow to grow bear the best fruit” – and Faith in Nature, which was first founded in 1974, is proof of that.

Operating under the philosophy that companies can be ethical and natural can be affordable, this brand has become a national favourite, particularly for curly girls.

Made with organic ingredients wherever possible, and delivered in fully recyclable packaging, the Faith in Nature shampoo (bars), conditioners and other products are the perfect match for natural hair care.

These products are famous for their incredible fragrance – you can literally sniff the blueberry, dragon fruit, jojoba, rosemary, wild rose or tea tree out of your shampoo, depending on your choice of product.

Once you’re sold on these fantastic products – and you will be – you might even consider making a small change with a big impact, by purchasing the large 100% recycled and 100% reused 5L bottles of shampoos, conditioners, body wash or even laundry liquid.

You can send them back to the company to be reused once you’ve finished them or opt to have them refilled.


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