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How to Avoid Flat Roots in Curly Hair

No one likes getting flat roots for their curly hair, because it not only ruins the look, but it holds the hair back from its true greatness.

Plus, I’ve found that most of the techniques people use to add some volume to their hair can actually cause some damage to the roots and strands. There has to be some way to get a big head of curly hair while also making sure that your hair stays dry, right?

Thankfully, there is such a method. I know of several different ways where you can not only get rid of flat roots entirely, but these tricks can also help you prevent damaging your hair. Here are some of my best pieces of advice.

Focus on Lightness

To get the lift you need for your hair, you need to lighten it up. First, make sure that you are styling your locks with the right products. I personally use a collection of mousses and foam formulas, which not only create the look of lightness but also support the hair with an airy texture.

Most creams and oils that I’ve seen people use are all about weighing the hair down. They are good for making your curls straight, but not so good for increasing your volume. In order to increase the bounce in your curly hair, make sure to work the mousse inside and then rake that mousse through the ends of the curls to add some lift.

Blow Dry Your Hair Correctly

I tend to blow dry my hair by using a diffuser attachment for my dryer because the diffuser can add some more volume. Thankfully, I’ve learned a few tips and tricks along the way to help my hair get the most results. First, I have my curls out and dry them away from my scalp to add some extra bounce to them.

After that, I also make sure the roots of my hair are fully dried as well because having damp roots can cause the curls to droop and become flat. There shouldn’t be any dampness whenever I touch the roots of my hair after drying. Finally, I give my hair one last burst of hot air without the diffuser attachment to add to the volume at the end.

Use Clipping

Hair clips are an extremely important tool in your arsenal, as they can help to keep your roots away from your scalp. You should use the clips on your still wet hair to lift up portions of your hair, and then hold them away from your head.

The clips allow your hair to dry in place, and then the otherwise wet and flat roots don’t stick to the head. I’ve found for my best results; you need to add the clips after you’ve added in your products but before you let your hair dry.

Once you remove the clips, your dried hair roots should have a bit more pep in their step. You can have more volume in your curled hair for sure! Make sure to get sturdy and good quality clips for this purpose.

Rinse Your Hair Upside Down!

I found this one out during a wild bit of experimentation. While most of us style our hair and work with it right side up, going upside down can be even more beneficial. Once you have conditioner inside of your hair, make sure to rinse your hair upside down. You might get dizzy, I know I have, but it can be worth it for your hair health.

The conditioner isn’t going to stick to your head and the water from rinsing can’t push the hair against your scalp to cause flat roots. You can also do the ‘squish to condish’ method in your hair.

The squish to condish method has you literally squish the conditioner into your hair. After your curls are washed with the conditioner, get upside down and take some water in your hands. Then squish the conditioner into your hair with the water and work your way up. Divide your hair into sections and keep doing this process.

Squishing the water into the conditioner forces both parts to work together. This forms clumps on your head where your hair looks both moisturized and is free from flat roots!

Don’t Part Your Hair

While it seems second nature to have your hair parted over one way or another, you shouldn’t part it right away. Switching your part to the opposite of where you normally place it can cause a quick volume lift by forcing the roots to go in the opposite direction. If you have naturally messier hair, you can keep flicking the hair back and forth to add to the volume.

Alternatively, you could let your hair fall where it may whenever you dry it, without parting it at all. This might seem counterintuitive, but then you can flip your part to any side and still have non flat roots going for you.

Wait Between Washes

This one was hard for me because I really like washing my hair and styling it up for days where I go out. However, your hair has a lot of essential oils inside of it, and repeated washing can dry those oils out. If they are dried out, then the roots can lay flat on your head. There’s nothing left to build its volume, so it can’t fluff up no matter how hard you try.

Take some time between washes. Either don’t shower for a few days or use a shower cap to keep the water off of your hair. If you are used to washing every day this can become something that you need to get used to, but taking a few breaks is certainly better for your hair health.

Flat Roots Are Easy to Avoid

If you take care of your hair roots and do your best to make sure your hair doesn’t stick to your scalp, then you should be fine. Your roots should pop, and your curly hair is going to bounce and have volume, and isn’t that what everyone wants?


Hi I'm Hati and my hair is naturally very curly, obviously! I have started this blog to share curly hair stories and what I use to manage my own hair. Hopefully you will find it useful! My other main passions are food, art and animlas. I have a little cat who I love very much.

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