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How to Get Big Knots Out of Curly Hair

Although curly hair is beautiful and can be the soul of an outfit, it can also have many knots that make it very hard to handle.

Have you ever had big knots? I know I have, and a lot of them. Keep reading so I can give you all the tips I know on the subject.

Find the Proper Comb

To get the big and annoying knots out of your beautiful curly hair, the first thing you should do is to find the perfect comb to help you.

The perfect comb should always be medium or wide-toothed. If not, you might have a harder time trying to get it through your hair strands.

Pro Tip

An excellent tip to start untangling your hair is to do it before you get in the shower. I know that It might be against most of the things you know – lots of people get rid of their knots while they’re showering! However, if you start beforehand, you are going to have an easier time later.

Get Some Natural Oil or Conditioner

Besides finding the best comb, I strongly recommend using natural oil or conditioner. That way, your curls can become easier to handle.

When you use the conditioner or natural oil, apply it evenly on all your hair, making sure it’s completely covered. By “completely,” I mean that you should have a greasy hairball on top of your head. Gross, but a very useful mental picture, right?

Applying a product makes your hair slippery, which is what we want. If you don’t use it, then it can be much harder to get rid of the knots, and you can even feel pain in the process because you might pull hair strands by mistake.

Therefore, once you cover your hair with the product, let it act for a couple of minutes. Then, you can start detangling it.

Start from the Bottom

Conditioner and natural oil can help you get rid of the most awful knots, but you need to untangle the rats’ nests yourself. They can’t do the process alone.

Thus, start from your hair tips and slowly begin passing the comb through them. Try to do it as gently as possible so you don’t cause any harm.

If you find any small knots, you can use your fingers to untangle them instead. Likewise, if you notice that your hair starts drying out in the process, apply more conditioner or natural oil.

Divide the Hair into Single Strands

When you’re in the untangling process, separate the knots from the untangled strands of hair. You don’t need to do anything fancy here – just by keeping them away from each other, you can be fine.

If you do that, you can quickly identify the parts of your hair that still need immediate action and the ones that are good to go.

Learn to Let Some Knots Go

In some instances, you might notice that even when you use the comb several times, some knots seem impossible to get rid of.

If that happens, don’t panic. I know you might be thinking the worse, but you are not going to have to chop half of your hair off. Just be patient.

Suppose you encounter a few knots that you can’t undo. Then, leave them be for a few minutes and keep untangling other parts of your hair. While you do that, make sure they are completely covered in the product you used.

Focus on the Easier Knots

You can focus on smaller and easier knots while you let the difficult ones simmer in your product. That way, you can redirect your attention to something achievable, and when you’re done, the other ones are going to be soaked in oil or conditioner. They’re going to be much more manageable.

You might need to detangle all of your hair but the challenging parts. It’s common if that happens, and you don’t need to worry. Keep focusing on the easier bits, and then come back to it.

Go Back to the Difficult Ones

When you come back to the difficult knots, they are probably going to be completely soaked in the product you used. That’s going to make them very slippery, and if you’re patient, you can slowly untangle them.

Go through them using the same process: from top to bottom, with the comb. Then, you are probably going to see some incredible improvement.

What Not to Do

Never pull your hair. I know it can be frustrating to have some knots that don’t seem to want to cooperate, but pulling at them is only going to make things worse. Besides, it’s going to hurt!

If you feel tired of the untangling process, take a short five-minute break and then come back to it. Believe me, it’s going to be much more productive than giving in to your frustration and hurting your hair.

Comb Your Hair One Last Time

Once you finish untangling each of your knots, grab your comb and slowly pass it through all of your hair.

You might notice that your hair is very oily, and some stubborn knots may reappear. However, if you need it, untangle them again following the same process I suggested before.

Wash It

Hooray, you’re not going to have oily hair forever! Now that you’re done untangling it, get in the shower and rinse off the product you applied.

Then, follow your regular hair-washing routine. However, make sure that you don’t scrub it when you’re applying shampoo or toweling it. If you do it, you’re going back to step one because it creates new tangles. Say no to hair kneading!

To Wrap Up…

Having knotted hair can be uncomfortable and even embarrassing sometimes because you can’t hide them away unless you deal with them with your bare hands.

If you follow my tips, you don’t have to worry about knots anymore! Each time they appear, you are going to know how to deal with them.


Hi I'm Hati and my hair is naturally very curly, obviously! I have started this blog to share curly hair stories and what I use to manage my own hair. Hopefully you will find it useful! My other main passions are food, art and animlas. I have a little cat who I love very much.

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