How to Part Curly Hair for Volume

Have you been receiving compliments and many questions about how you were able to get so much volume in your curly hair?

They may be specifically asking about down at the roots, especially from just parting. While you might be one of those girls with naturally thick hair. Your products and hair routine play a part. Alternatively, do you sit on another side of the spectrum where you’re the one wondering about others?

Seeing other girls with big hair that looks so voluptuous might have you wondering, “what is the secret? What am I not doing? How can I achieve or recreate said volume?” Sis, you don’t need heat or an appointment to get a blowout to achieve volume. My simple tips can get you fabulous, voluminous hair that lasts all day.

How I Do It and How You Can Do It

I’m not just over here telling you things for you to experiment with or things that I hope are going to work for you. As we all know, learning about your hair and the things it responds to is a process, but I can attest to all the information I’m giving you here. Trust me, girl, I’m not the only one who notices the difference too!

Enough about me, though. Here are the simple tips that you can use to get more volume as you part that curly hair.

Upside down Is the Way

While this might sound silly, it is honestly one of the best ways to achieve volume in your curly hair. Once you have washed, conditioned, and rinsed your hair, upside down in the shower, apply your products in the same fashion.

What you’re doing here is simple. If your hair is falling in an upside-down direction and being styled, then being tossed right side up when it’s dry, your roots are going to stand up the way they are meant to, and guess what that means? If more volume was your response, give yourself a Gold Star!

No Dirty Roots

There are no two ways about this. Curls fall if you aren’t caring for them properly, and one of the biggest signs of improper care is unclean roots. If the volume is on your mind, excess debris and oil can’t be present in your roots. If they are, expect them to be weighed down. What’s the best way to fix this problem if you have it? Get yourself a lightweight shampoo that’s known for being nutrient-dense. Once you can keep those roots clear, more volume is in the air!

A woman with a parting stood on steps

Change That Part Girl

Be honest with me? You have a favorite place you like to part your hair, don’t you? We all love a little bit of comfort, but there’s a problem with this one. If you’ve been parting your hair in one place, that’s now where your hair lies the flattest. Yeah, I know that wasn’t your intention, but it’s what you trained your hair to do.

It’s a bit unfair, isn’t it? So, who said you had to play fair either? What if I told you that you could cheat volume? Try switching your parting to the opposite side from the one you’d normally use. So, if the right side is where you’ve been parting your hair for the last 10 million years, consider switching to the left.

The next problem is the potential lopsided look that no one wants to have to deal with. What’s the solution? Do the parting when your hair is still wet. You can even use an alcohol-free hairspray to lightly mist the new part, which gives the holding support and structure you need to keep your style looking fresh all day.

Grab a Pick or Lift Me Comb

When it’s time to get rid of separation parts in your root area, the best thing you can do for yourself is to use a pick or ‘lift me comb.’ It’s crazy how inefficient some other methods are in making you part-free. Removing these parts effectively is just as important as parting your hair correctly. Both create instant volume.

Before you start picking at your roots though, ensure that your hair is dry as can be. If not, you’re going to end up with more frizz than I can explain. While some frizz is good, I guarantee you that this is not the good kind.

Target the Growth Source

Some girls make the mistake of applying their products too far from the scalp. Even if they do go there, they don’t focus on it enough. Level with me now, where does your hair start growing? It would have to be from the follicle, right? If growth begins there, you’d best believe that volume begins there too.

So, what I’m gonna need you to do is to get your hands on some foam or a root-lifting mousse. Apply it as close to the scalp as you can when your hair is damp. When it dries, you can then aim your hairspray directly at the roots. Thank me later when the volume shows up.

Embrace the Pineapple

No girl, you’re not gonna be eating pineapples to part your hair for volume. What you are going to be doing though is sleeping with your hair in a loose pineapple formation. Why should you do this? Well, if you can encourage your curls to switch direction at the roots, you’re going to create volume by default.

The dilemma is you don’t want to force this. The pineapple method gently pulls on the hair and encourages the direction switch that you’re trying to achieve. You could even take this further, and instead of applying it during the night only, you could do it for about 25 minutes during the day when you notice that your hair is looking a bit flat. The flat look typically shows up about day two or three after washing.


Knowing how to part your hair and what techniques to use to get that extra volume should come under the category of art, as far as I am concerned. Even so, it’s nothing that you can’t pull off with the right advice in your corner. Lucky for you, you decided to read this, so your search for that good advice is over. I’m sending you much love and much volume in your future. Go for it!


Hi I'm Hati and my hair is naturally very curly, obviously! I have started this blog to share curly hair stories and what I use to manage my own hair. Hopefully you will find it useful! My other main passions are food, art and animlas. I have a little cat who I love very much.

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