How to Wear a Fascinator with Long Curly Hair

Fancy events such as weddings or formal business parties are an excellent opportunity to dress up the best you can and surprise everyone with gorgeous outfits! However, you need several items to make the best dresses work, and some of those items are not easy to wear. That includes fascinators!

I love using fascinators at weddings and gala nights since they make you look unique and different from the others, but they are not easy to manage, and you need help to set them to avoid looking off. If you’re here, maybe your friends can’t help you with that matter, but don’t worry; dive into this page to learn everything you need to know to wear a fascinator with long curly hair!

What Is a Fascinator?

A fascinator is headwear meant for formal events that work as an alternative to hats; this headpiece is usually decorated with feathers, beads, or even a veil. Fascinators are attached to your head with a headband, a comb, or a hair clip, so you have to put them on before the event and try to maintain them in your head until you get home. This item is not as common as other decorative accessories, but I can assure you they make you look like none of the others can.

When Do Women Wear Fascinators

Fascinators are meant to be used at weddings, gala nights, cocktail parties, and any kind of formal event or celebration you have to attend. It’s not common to see women wearing fascinators for casual events such as going to the beach or a pool, since it’s easier to wear more casual hats that fit better with informal outfits in those situations. However, I recommend you to have a fair supply of hats and fascinators ready for special occasions.

How to Wear a Fascinator with Long Curly Hair?

All hair types are beautiful regardless if you have straight hair, curly hair, or wavy hair, but some of them have it more difficult when you need to wear a fascinator. That’s because fascinators are attached directly to your hair through a hair clip or a comb, so you need to move and manage your hair to put them on.

Regardless of that, nothing impedes you to wear a fascinator, so follow the steps explained on this page to learn how to wear a fascinator if you have long curly hair.

Choose the Correct Type of Fascinator

There are different types of fascinators, but the difference between them mostly relies on what you use to attach them to your hair and its size, depending on your hairstyle and the hairdo you want to have for the event.

Some of them may suit you better than the others, but we recommend you go for a hairband fascinator since it’s easy to wear and more comfortable for people with long curly hair, so that’s the one we are using as an example in this page. However, the other types of fascinators are hair clip fascinators and comb fascinators, so you can try them if you feel like it.

A woman weaing a wedding fascinator

Set your Hair

First, you need to make space for the fascinator, so separate your front curls from your back hair. Try to do this in front of a mirror to look where you put the fascinator since placing it too back or too forward can make it look bad and ruin the process. Repeat this step with the right and left sections of your curls to locate your parting line and place the fascinator.

Start Making a Pony Tail

Using a ponytail is an elegant and easy way to wear a fascinator since you can use your curls to tie it and make it look better. To make the ponytail, divide a small section of your curls into two smaller sections. After doing that, you can start making a rope braid with your curls.

Add more curls from the back and keep making your rope braid until you reach the back of your head with it. If you want to hide your Alice band, you can add curls from the back and the front of the band and use them to make the rope braid.

Finish your Hair Tie

Bring the curls from underneath your fascinator by loosely pulling them back and add them to your hair tie. You can even use a small section of your curls to tie your ponytail, making your hair look elegant and more sophisticated. After doing that, fix loose curls to your hair tie and you are off to go! Your hairstyle and fascinator should look ready to impress everyone at the event.

Other Types of Hairdos for a Fascinator

Fascinators are usually small, allowing you to combine them with sophisticated hairdos to make them both look better. Using a ponytail is the easiest way of putting your fascinator on with curly hair, but you can try more innovative and creative ideas if you feel prepared for it. Just make sure to make enough space in the parting line of your head to place your fascinator without letting any loose curls make your hair look off.

Bottom Line

Now that you know how to fix your fascinator with no problem, you just have to pick the right outfit to fit it with. You could ask the event organizers to tell you which colours they prefer for the event and take it from there. I recommend you to choose a fascinator that fits your dress’s colour and combine your shoes with other accessories that look similar. That way you can have a gorgeous look with an outfit that matches at least two colours.

Remember that the most important thing when picking what to wear is to choose something that makes you feel comfortable, so go for an outfit that represents what you are and how you want to look without feeling off or uncomfortable. However, remember that this is a general guide, so try adapting the steps to your hair characteristics to make it look the best it can.

You can follow this guide if you don’t have curly hair too! So, feel free to try it if you have straight or wavy hair.


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