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3 Amazing Wash & Go Routines for Natural Hair

We make a real ritual out of some beauty regimes, so much so they became part of a relaxing, weekly wind-down that’ll have us looking our best for the weekend.

Our facemasks go hand in hand with a good glass of wine and a riveting book; pedicures and manicures are reserved for the nights on which our favourite shows air, for extra inspiration and great company; and delicious, full-body scrubs are best enjoyed prior to a skin-nourishing, mind-quietening bubble bath.

These are moments in our busy weeks to look forward to, to celebrate, even. There’s only one part of the mind, body and soul ritual many of us dread: our hair.

Perhaps it’s still the trauma of all the long sittings of teary-eyed, violent brushing through damaged hair that’s casting a shadow over what could become your new, all-improved hair regime – that’s a tough one to get over.

You can get yourself through it by trying these three, amazing wash and go routines for natural hair, all of which promise to bring that bounce to your curls by ways of a bit of much-needed, pain-free and smooth me-time with your mane.

Cozy Curl Conditioning & Morning Styling

The one thing that can be most off-putting about keeping those curls in check and looking beautiful, is the amount of time it consumes.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could just jump out of bed, run your fingers through our hair once or twice and ta-da: all set for the day looking like you just walked out of a photoshoot. For cover-girl, no less.

Well, yes, it would be, but unfortunately, that’s not possible. Not even for cover-girls.

What is possible, however, is dividing up the time. Do a little prep work the night before you plan to wash and go and get out that door with your curls a-poppin’. Here’s how you do it:

  • Pop on your favourite tunes and hop in the shower. Co-wash your hair with cold or lukewarm water. Do a little boogie.
  • Use a CG approved moisturizing conditioner and work it into your hair. Be generous and distribute that hydrating love evenly. Leave the conditioner in.
  • Micro-fibre towel or t-shirt-dry your hair, scrunching the bottoms of your curls to activate them.
  • Wrap your hair up in a turban and kick back to your favourite TV show for some inspiration on how to wear your curls.

If you’re worried about your conditioner leaking on your newly acquired silk pillows, wear a shower-cap under your turban.

This will also keep in extra moisture during the night. When you get up in the morning, rinse out the conditioner. You’ll notice your curls have already taken on definition during the night.

  • Repeat step one, as above. Don’t forget to boogie.
  • Use your fingers to detangle your hair thoroughly.
  • Use your preferred leave-in conditioner and section off your hair, adding the product in gently from scalp to ends. This is another great opportunity to get rid of any remaining tangles – the less tangles, the better the result. You can also use a wide-tooth comb or a Denman brush.
  • Once you’ve softly scrunch-dried your hair, prepare yourself a cup of coffee or your choice of matinal kick-starter to make the next bit all the more enjoyable. Make sure you have a water spray-bottle and your moisturizing styling cream or gel handy too.
  • If your hair is already drying, spray it with a bit of water and start applying your gel or cream section wise. Keeping the hair slightly wet will make it easier to distribute the product evenly.
  • When you’ve applied your product and set your curls just right, tug strands from the shaft down to stretch them a bit, if you fancy.

Girl with wash and go hair in the park

Chilled Vibes & Voluptuous Waves

If your hair is naturally wavy, you won’t have to go through as much hoopla as a real, corkscrew curly girl or an afro queen – which doesn’t mean to say you won’t have to put in the work.

You’ll just be able to go about it with a beach-girl kinda vibe. Go with the flow, as you define the waves on your head in time for the next beach party, with just a few products and a bit of finger-finesse.

To make the process super chillaxing, you can get rid of any intense tangles with DevaCurl’s Wash Day Wonder or any other silicone-free product that’ll help get rid of those obnoxious knots prior to co-washing or shampoo washing your hair.

Once you’ve washed your hair, follow this guide to catch the perfect waves to rock without having to start the Dawn Patrol even earlier.

  • DevaCurl’s B’Leavin-In Miracle Curl Plumper and similar products, act like a primer: they’ll make it easier for other products to do their magic and help you achieve the curl definition you’re looking for. Apply this to your wet hair using your finger-comb and scrunch it in.
  • Use a lightweight or heavier defining cream depending on your hair type and repeat the process: finger-comb & scrunch.
  • For the final touch before a moment of downtime, add in your gel of choice using the same technique as described above. This will decrease your chances of frizz and increase your chances of high-definition curls.
  • Air-dry or use a diffuser and watch those wavy curls take shape.
  • To keep those curls looking fresh and mermaidy until sunset, give them an extra dose of protection with a few spritzes of CG approved hairspray.

Morning Quickie for Fro-Lific Curls

Looking for a true, no-fuss, no fizz wash & go morning quickie? Then this morning hair regime is for you.

This routine is for the low-maintenance ladies who like their afros to look like their high-maintenance. So, hop in the shower and go through your usual washing routine before following this guide to get that fro-lific curl look!

  • After your usual washing routine, you might want to consider deep conditioning, if it’s coming up on your hair regime schedule anyway. One product that comes highly recommended for Type 4 hair, is the As I Am Coconut Cowash.
  • Follow up with the conditioner of your choice, rubbing it into your scalp gently, and distributing it properly. Then use a wide-tooth comb to comb and stretch your hair out, detangling it along the way. Stretching your hair out in the shower will prove much more effective than doing so with a diffuser. Leave the conditioner in.
  • Once you’re all dried off and already slaying in the wardrobe department, it’s time to add the final touches to get that eye-catching hair result, using just one product: the curl custard of your choice! This will give your curls the definition you want. Run the product through your hair and spread it out evenly.
  • To finish up, pull your curls down, do finger coils and just play around a bit in front of the mirror until you achieve your desired result.

The more often you follow this quick and easy routine, the easier it will become to find the techniques, products and steps that work for you. Within no time, these wash & go methods will form part of a weekly beauty routine you’ll come to look forward to!


Hi I'm Hati and my hair is naturally very curly, obviously! I have started this blog to share curly hair stories and what I use to manage my own hair. Hopefully you will find it useful! My other main passions are food, art and animlas. I have a little cat who I love very much.

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