How to Get Candy Floss Hair

For the people who don’t know us, nothing is more telling of our personality than our style: the way we dress, whether we choose to wear makeup and style or dye our hair and, if so, how we tend to go about it.

Someone who dresses in predominantly neutral tones and only applies natural-looking, almost invisible make-up, is usually more comfortable blending in with their environment.

This doesn’t mean to say they don’t care for trends and colours, they just rather see them worn by others. The same counts for people who like to curate a wardrobe mainly in black and grey tones – they’re just attracted to the classic look rather than all things pop-culture.

It takes a skilled eye to read between the lines when it comes to studying people’s fashion style and what it conveys about the person in question. Just because someone likes dressing in bright colours and loud patterns, doesn’t necessarily mean they are outgoing and bubbly.

As we all know, there are many times in life when we can’t express what we’re feeling on the inside, so we literally wear it on the outside. Wearing that eye-catching, sparkly unicorn skirt says what you cannot say to those around me – loudly and clearly.

It screams, ‘hey, I like my little fantasy world, and if you approach me in the right way, I’d be more than happy to invite you in for a little rainbow frosting.” Clothes really do have a special way of doing all the talking for us – they can be as encouraging as they can be intimidating.

What Our Hairstyles & Dyes Say About Us

The same is true for hairstyles and colours. Think about the last time you saw someone sport a carefully styled, 15cm high and perfectly spiked mohawk, for example.

The person wearing it could be wearing a formal, exquisitely tailored suit and still, you’d just know they are far from conventional.

Maybe not a raging anarchist or a punk, but definitely someone who knows who they are and aren’t afraid to express it – albeit through style, rather than words.

Add to that a touch of colour on the tips of these spikes and you’re, perhaps, one step closer to understanding the true colours of their interior landscapes.

How we style or colour or hair has such an impact on how we present ourselves to the outside world and how we are feeling inside. It can make the difference between feeling overlooked and mousy, to feeling seen and confident as a person.

By dying our hair a bright colour, we can also elevate our overall sense of joy and happiness. It truly is amazing what colours can do for us – whether it’s a new splash of colours on our walls, a new palette for a seasonal outfit or a new choice of dye for our hair, it can make all the difference.

Think Pink – Going Back to the Hairstyles & Colours of the Nineties

If you were a child of the nineties, you probably remember this decade for its smooth move from grungy plaids shirts and darkly-tinged MTV videos – think Nirvana, Alice in Chains, etc. – to the pop-punky era of purple Doc Martens and pink or fuchsia hair.

Girl with pink hair

Yeah, the late nineties were a colourful time that saw the women of poppy punk-rock (like No Doubt’s Gwen Stefani and Pink) change their musical approaches from album to album, with as much gusto as they changed their hair from one shade of pink to another.

When Pink first came on to the scene with There You Go, she made sure it would be impossible for us to ignore her not only by ways of her motorcycle stunts, but with a shock of shortly cropped and mesmerizing pink hair.

Meanwhile, Gwen Stefani and nineties Hollywood sweetheart, Drew Barrymore, went for a subtler look, with that beautiful, pastel pink candy-floss look  – cute and girlish and at the same time daring in an understated, punky kind of way.

A lot has happened since the nineties – new hair trends have come and gone but, most importantly, women are finally starting to take centre stage these days. And what better look for the spotlight, than one that cannot be ignored?

Pretty in Pink: How to Get that Perfect Shade of Candy Floss

Ready to make the jump and make your girlhood dreams of pastel pink hair come true? You’re not going to regret! On the contrary, you’re never going to want to go back to your natural colour once you’ve gotten used to this unique look.

Before you start shopping for the right shade of candy floss pink dye, you’ll need to take a good look at your natural hair colour and decide whether it is going to need a prior treatment.

You need to remember that, pink – especially that pastel tone you are going for – is a light colour so, if your hair is brown or even ash-blonde, there is no way the dye will cover it properly, and you will be left with unsatisfying results.

As scary as it might sound, unless you have natural platinum blonde hair, you’re going to have to reach for the bleach before you can get to work on the pink.

Yes it’s extra work and, yes, you will be exposing your hair to more chemicals, but it’s the only way to guarantee the perfect outcome – and that’s what we’re after, right? Besides, with the right aftercare, your hair won’t complain about the double whammy of dye.

Choose Your Dye: The Right Brand

Now that you’ve done all the prep-work to ensure a 90s Gwen Stefani style outcome, it’s time to start shopping around for the best brands and the exact shade of candy floss you’re looking to achieve.

Fortunately, there are endless choices – there really is no shortage of haircare and styling brands offering quality semi-permanent and permanent dyes that will help you make this new adventure in hair dying come true for you.

Unfortunately, that makes it even harder to choose! It can be rather overwhelming finding the right product for you, especially if this is your first time venturing outside of your comfort zone of “standard” hair colours and into the realms of adventurous colour palettes.

Not to worry, though – we’re going to make it easy on you. We’ve compiled a list of fabulous products that are available on Amazon, as well as most of your local drugstores and supermarkets. Read through our recommendations, take your time, then make your pick.

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Best Candy Floss Pink Dyes

Schwarzkopf Permanent Cool Rose Live Lightener + Twist Hair Dye

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When a brand has existed for more than 120 years with great success, you know you can trust your precious hair with it and enjoy wonderful results. This is the case with the hair cosmetics brand Schwarzkopf, the products of which are available in all your local supermarkets and drugstores.

The Schwarzkopf Permanent Cool Rose Live Lightener + Pastel Twist, is a fantastic 2-in-1 formula that will lighten your hair by up to 4 levels, leaving it covered in a beautiful, subtle pastel pink hue.

This is a great option for natural blondes or dyed blondes who are due for another touch-up. The packet features a great colour code on the back which will show you what results to expect depending on your natural hair colour, so you can work accordingly.

This permanent dye will last up to 28 washes, and is an excellent choice for those who want a soft and subtle candy floss look. It comes with a wonderful after-treatment that will leave your hair super shiny and soft – you’ll want to adopt it as your permanent shampoo!

If you have long hair – shoulder-length or more – you will need two packs of this pink delight.

Renbow Crazy Color Semi-Permanent Candy Floss Hair Colour Cream

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Want a crazy hair colour? Then head straight for the brand that has been specializing in crazy hair colours since the British explosion of punk rock in 1977.

During this time of anarchy and free expression, hairstylist Renato Brunas, decided to push the boundaries introducing a new range of rainbow shades – and lo and behold, the Crazy Colour brand was born.

So, if you want to follow in the footsteps of those who revolutionized the punk philosophy and encouraged our freedom of expression with your own hair dying adventure, then opt for the Crazy Colour Candy Floss hair colour cream.

Simply apply the dye to towel dried hair, leave it in to work its pink magic for the duration stated on the bottle, rinse it out and marvel at your new, crazy cool hair colour in the mirror!

Garnier Colour Sensation Vivids Pastel Pink Permanent Hair Dye

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Garnier is another hair and beauty cosmetics brand that has been known and trusted for more than a hundred years, so you can always reach for their range of products without a shimmer of doubt. You’ll always find their products ranked high in top beauty magazines such as Allure.

And now that you’re finally ready to make the step from plain blonde to nineties candy-kid – i.e. candy floss or pastel pink – you’ll be happy to know that Garnier’s Colour Sensation will cater to this wish too.

This colouring cream promises a 10.22 pastel pink shade with an eye-catching mirror shine that is guaranteed to be long-lasting. Make sure you are using an old towel and lightly apply facial cream around your hairline to avoid unnecessary staining.

It comes with a rich and nourishing conditioner that features rose oil and mother of pearl as its main ingredient. This conditioner ensures that you’ll get the very best out of this colour cream whilst making sure that your hair is left in a healthy and moisturized condition.

After-Care for Perfect Maintenance and Long-Lasting Candy Floss Hair

Dying our hair fun colours like candy floss pink is a great way to change things up a bit and give ourselves a welcome confidence boost or simply a new sense of joy. It does, however, require careful aftercare in order to maintain the colour – regardless of what colour you have chosen.

Firstly, when working with shades that require bleaching prior to the actual dying process, you will want to ensure that your hair is treated to as much moisturizing and hydrating as possible, seeing as both types of dyes are known to dry hair out.

You might consider allowing your hair to rest a few days between bleaching it, and applying the final candy floss colour. During this time you can treat it to hydrating hair masks and leave-in conditioner, and go into the next dying step quenched and soft.

Once you’ve applied the candy floss colour cream or dye and left it in for as long as stipulated on the packet, rinse it out and follow-up with the after-care conditioner. From then on, treat your hair to regular conditioning and moisturizing sprays or masks as needed.


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