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How to Get Volume in Roots of Curly Hair: 10 Easy Tips

You might see people with big hair and think that they’re just one of the lucky ones. A big head of curls looks so effortlessly beautiful that you don’t think there are any secrets to getting volume in the roots of your curly hair.

However, this isn’t the case. There are many tips and tricks you can use to add more volume to the roots of your curly hair.

You can try adding some simple tricks into your hair arsenal to get fabulous and voluminous curly hair that lasts.

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Ten Tips to Adding Volume to The Roots of Your Curly Hair

Adding some lasting volume to your curly hair has never been easier, thanks to our professional and straightforward tips. Take a look at how you can get more voluminous hair:

#1 Keep Your Roots Clean

If you want to add more volume to your hair, the first step is to ensure your scalp is in the right condition. Your scalp needs to have the right care or else your curls are likely to fall flat.

You can enhance the volume of your curly hair by keeping your roots clean from debris or oil, as these substances can weigh down your hair.

To avoid your roots from doing this, you can start using a lightweight and nutrient-dense shampoo to encourage more volume in the roots of your curly hair.

#2 Change Up Your Parting

When it comes to most women, they have a favorite place to part their hair. This is likely the case for you as well. However, there’s a problem with this as your favorite parting is likely where your hair lies the flattest, as you’ve trained your hair to remain that way.

One of the quickest and easiest ways of enhancing the volume of your roots in curly hair is to switch the parting to the opposite of how you generally wear it.

#3 Shake Out Your Hair

Shaking your hair out by throwing it upside down with your fingers is a great way to add volume to your hair when the roots have flattened. However, this method doesn’t offer lasting body. Nonetheless, you can simply set this instant volume with some alcohol-free hairspray once you move your hair to where you want it.

#4 Deep Condition Your Mid-Shaft and Ends Only

Excessively conditioning your hair plays a massive role in the amount of volume you gain in the roots of your curly hair.

Too much conditioning can weigh down your hair and cause it to sit flat. You might find that your hair gets weighed down by using moisturizing shampoos and gets naturally oily. If this is the case, making use of a volumizing shampoo gain help boost your roots and give your curly hair added body and volume.

#5 Start Using Dry Shampoo

Although dry shampoo is commonly known to help make your hair appear cleaner and works well when you want to stretch the time between washes.

However, dry shampoo also works to expand the body of your hair. Dry shampoo has properties that soak up oil. Adding to this, it also enhances the root volume of your curly hair.

When using dry shampoo, you should apply it along the root area of your curly hair. From here, you should massage it with your fingertips. Using small motions is going to help add more body to your roots.

#6 Use Jaw Clamps

Jaw clamps are well-liked for providing volume exactly where you want it, which is the roots of your curly hair.

These jaw clamps allow you to maintain your curls’ natural form without squishing your hair down and affecting the shape of your curls.

In addition to this, these jaw clamps can also prevent your hair from breaking, which is what commonly happens when using metal clips in curly hair.

You can volumize the roots of your curly hair by placing the clamps into your crown. This should be done when your hair is wet.

Once you have done this, you should leave it in your hair until it’s dry. Otherwise, you can use a diffuser.

#7 Focus on Your Hair Follicle

It’s crucial to understand that hair volume starts at the follicle. For this reason, it’s beneficial to apply a root-lifting foam or mousse to the scalp while you have damp hair. After your hair has dried, apply some hairspray at the roots for added body.

#8 Use a ‘Lift Me’ Pick or Comb

A ‘Lift Me’ comb or pick works to gently get rid of the separate parts that are commonly found in the root area. When using this specific comb or pick, you gain instant volume.

However, it’s essential to understand that your hair should be thoroughly dry before you begin picking the root area. The reason behind doing this is that not waiting until your hair is entirely dry can cause huge frizz.

#9 Blow Dry Your Hair Upside Down

One of the most straightforward ways to gain added volume is to flip your head upside down while you’re drying your hair with a diffuser.

The reasoning behind this is that it works to automatically lift your roots off of your scalp. This is exactly what you want when the roots of your curly hair are dry. To add extra body, you can go the extra mile and spray some hairspray into your hair to ensure this volume is long-lasting.

#10 Start Sleeping with Your Hair in a ‘High Pineapple’

An excellent method of increasing volume is to take specific steps that enhance your root volume while you’re sleeping. You can do this by pulling your hair into a high and loose ‘pineapple’ before you go to bed. It’s crucial that this ‘pineapple’ is loose, as tying it too tight might cause creases. You can secure your hair with a satin scrunchie.

This method is an effective way of volumizing your hair without any additional products or heat. Your hair is going to dry lifted off your scalp. Thus, your roots are going to have added volume. When you wake up, you can take the ‘pineapple’ down and you’re going to have instant body.


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