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How to Take Care of Malaysian Curly Hair

Malaysian curly hair is silky, thick, and gorgeous in texture. Since it does not require much effort for maintenance, it is one of the most popular extensions.

Even if you use Malaysian curly hair extensions, you should still treat it as if it were your real hair. That means taking into account all the essentials for hair care.

So, I have broken down the ways to tend to your virgin Malaysian curly hair or your Malaysian curly hair weave.

Basic Tips for Malaysian Curly Hair Care

1. Do Not Brush Curly Hair When Dry

One rule I have unfortunately broken when I was younger was not brushing my hair when it is was dry. This made the curls look frizzy and out of place. So, my number one rule is to never brush your hair when it is dry. Additionally, you should not brush more than twice per day, as this could cause unwanted shedding and frizzing.

2. Don’t Sleep with Wet Hair

Another one of my major rules is to never sleep with wet hair. This can cause tangling that leads to more issues later on—and more work to detangle. Make sure that your hair is fully dehydrated before laying down for the night. Especially since it is curly hair, you should tie it back before going to bed so that the curls do not come unmanageably out of place.

3. Don’t Straighten More than Twice Per Month

Too much straightening can cause a lot of damage to your curly hair. That’s why I recommend limiting yourself to straightening no more than twice per month. However, for your Malaysian curly hair weave, it is best to rarely straighten it since the hair may not be able to withstand extreme heat for extended periods.

4. Avoid Hair Products that Contain Alcohol

I said it before, but I must say it again, you should treat your Malaysian curly hair extensions as if they were your hair.

So, when you are considering the products to use, avoid anything with alcohol at all costs. The chemicals make it so that the product dries faster, but along with the product, so goes your hair.

Hair products with alcohol can leave your hair extensions feeling dry, overly frizzy, and less-than-natural. I always say that it is okay to spend a little extra on your hair care products.

How to Wash Malaysian Curly Hair

If your extensions are sewn in, you should treat the hair like your own when washing it. Don’t be afraid to spend the extra money on quality shampoo since it can prolong the life of the weave.

When washing, it can be easy to bunch your hair on the top of your head to blend the shampoo in your hair.

However, do not do this! This makes tangles worse and can lead to a whole lot of brushing after washing.

The best way to wash your Malaysian curly hair is to apply shampoo vertically. You should also go in one direction. I like to go from top to bottom since it is an easier motion.

If your weave is not sewn in, use a mannequin head when washing it. You have more control over the hair when it is on the mannequin’s head rather than in your hand. You should still follow the same washing procedure as sewn-in extensions.

How to Brush Malaysian Curly Hair

I wouldn’t necessarily go as far as to say you should brush your hair, but rather detangle—or at least prevent tangles. With curly hair, it is especially tricky to avoid tangles due to the texture. However, routine detangling or combing can prevent this issue.

To brush and detangle, start with your hair wet. Use a Denman brush or a wide-tooth comb and work your way from the tips of the hair to the top. Again, try to avoid brushing more than twice per day.

When I brush my hair, I prefer using a wide-tooth comb after I get out of the shower. I think it works better with the curls, but other hair care experts say that Denman brushes work well too. Detangling spray can also help get rid of tangles with fewer painful picks and pulls of your hair.

How to Straighten Malaysian Curly Hair

For both virgin Malaysian curly hair and weaves, you should try to limit how often you straighten your hair—especially weaves. However, doing this a couple of times per month can mix up your style and give you a refreshing new look.

Before straightening your hair, shampoo and condition it. Make sure it is still a bit damp, but it should not be wet when you go to straighten. It is best to towel dry but avoid bunching your hair up in the towel. Additionally, keep in mind that your hair should not be completely dry!

Then, use a small amount of straightening cream or gel to prep your hair. Do not use it too much. About a dime’s worth is good.

With a round bristle brush, pull your hair gently as you blow-dry it. Try to not overheat your hair. You can do this by switching between the dryer’s hot and cool settings. Once your hair is fully dry, the next step is to use the flat iron. Make sure that your hair is entirely dry because straightening wet hair causes serious damage.

Taking a section of hair (about two inches wide) in one hand, use the other hand to smoothen it down with the flat iron. Start at the top with the roots and lower the flat iron down to the tips. I usually have to repeat this fluid motion a few times before it is perfectly straight. Continue this process until all your hair is straight!

You may also want to add some volumizing spray at the tips of the hair as you flat iron your hair. Though this is not necessary, it may give a fuller, more complete look at the end.


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