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How to Use Sea Salt Spray on Curly Hair

Sea salt spray is quite a versatile product, especially when it comes to those with curly hair. People with curly hair often have difficulty taming the curls. Additionally, the weather has a major impact on curly hair, meaning that styling can be an absolute disaster.

Many professionals state that sea salt spray is a favorite when it comes to styling curly hair, as it makes the process an absolute breeze. How can you use sea salt spray on curly hair? Keep reading to find out all of my secrets.

What is Sea Salt Spray?

This product is essentially a hairspray that contains sea salt, water, Epsom salt, and occasionally other nourishing products (for example, aloe vera or coconut oil). Sea salt spray aims to mimic the effect that saltwater has on hair, which produces natural waves and a crunchy texture. It is a must-have for many stylists; however, others do not approve of the drying effect, especially when it comes to curly hair.

There is no need to be alarmed by this, as there are various uses for sea salt spray that do not negatively impact the moisture stored in curls.

How to Use Sea Salt Spray

Follow these five simple steps when applying sea salt spray:

  1. Wet the hair
  2. Shake the spray
  3. Spray, spray, spray!
  4. Scrunch and twist
  5. Dry the curls

Wet the Hair

When I want to achieve the ultimate beach waves look, I rinse my hair with just water, no shampoo, and wait until it is damp. Comb through the curly hair with a wide-tooth comb to get rid of any tangles or knots.

Shake the Spray

The product needs to be mixed properly before sprayed onto the hair. This is particularly true with sea salt spray as it has specific elements that settle at the bottom of the bottle.

Spray, Spray, Spray!

Start spraying the hair in sections so each part of the hair can absorb the product. Focus on the roots as naturally curly hair already has more body and can dry out easily. The amount of sea spray used depends on the type of hair and the specific product. Remember it is always best to start out with less and build up to more.

Scrunch and Twist

This is probably the most fun part of the entire process. After applying the spray, take small sections of hair and start twisting and scrunching up. Luckily, this is a technique that people with curly hair are already familiar with, so it should not be too difficult to grasp the concept.

The more people twist and scrunch the hair, the wavier the strands end up. I alternate between spraying and scrunching depending on the type of look I want to achieve.

Dry the Curls

Diffuse the hair if it is still damp from the rinsing and spraying. The setting must be gentle and cool. This is essential as heat may reverse the effects of texturizing.

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Different Ways People with Curly Hair Can Use Sea Salt Spray

Three different ways to use this magnificent product to transform curls include:

  1. Boost volume
  2. Create loose waves
  3. Add texture

Boost Volume

Any person with curly hair can confirm, limp and flat-looking roots are not a good look with bouncy curls and length. A seal salt spray can be crucial in boosting the volume at the crown of the head. I do this by focusing the specific spray only on the roots of my hair, as recommended by experts. Do not add this to the tips as this defeats the purpose.

The best results can be seen when spraying the sea salt product onto wet hair roots and allowing it to dry naturally before adding additional products to add volume.

Create Loose Waves

There are times when I want to achieve relaxed curls or waves without the trouble of using a diffuser, hair straightener, or hairdryer. Sea salt spray can help! Separate the hair into big sections, twist these sections and spray them with the preferred sea salt spray, put it in a bun, and leave it to dry.

People can achieve different outcomes based on the way the section is twisted. Play around with various techniques to find the ideal style for a specific look.

Add Texture

Sea salt spray is a lifesaver when it comes to adding texture to hair. One of the most crucial aspects when applying this product is to apply it when wet and squeeze or scrunch the product into the hair thereafter. Do not run fingers through the curls to work the product in. This method is a way to guarantee texture and to ensure bouncy and voluminous curl throughout the day.

Tips for Using Sea Salt Spray on Curly Hair

A few tips and tricks I have learned when experimenting with seal salt spray on curly hair include:

  • Mix the spray with a conditioner – This helps avoid a hard and crispy texture to the hair while providing moisture and shine.
  • Choose the product most suitable for your hair type – Take time to do research and find the sea salt spray developed for the specific curls. It makes a significant difference that many people do not realize at first. The COOLWAY Beachy Salt Spray is an excellent product for curly hair.
  • Do not towel dry the hair – The rubbing motion of a towel can lead to damage, breakage, and frizz, which can be harsher on people with curly hair.

The Final Verdict

Many people are scared to try products such as sea salt spray. There is no need to fear this as it is extremely versatile and can help achieve a variety of hairstyles or objectives. Whether it is to add volume, create relaxed waves, or build texture, sea salt spray is an excellent product for people with curly hair.

What do you use sea salt spray for? Please share your tips with us so we can experiment with this must-have product!


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