Palmer’s Olive Oil Formula Super Control Gel Review

Oh, how we enjoy strutting down the street with our freshly washed and newly styled locks, only to receive compliments left, right and centre. People can’t help but to comment on our hair’s natural bounce and our curls’ beautiful definition.

And while we’re more than happy to soak up the flattering commentary, smile brightly and act as if it all just happens naturally, in our minds we’re thinking, “if only you knew.”

How much time and commitment it takes to get our curls to look, feel and remain healthy and beautiful. How many tries and fails it takes to find the right products; and how many products it takes to maintain different aspects of our natural haircare.

Because it’s not just about washing our hair with the right shampoo, and moisturizing it with the right conditioner. It’s not just about finding a brush, a comb or a finger-combing technique our curls are comfortable with.

For a flawless look and an eye-catching style, it’s also about considering our roots, ends and edges. Ways to get a lift if our hair tends to lay flat around the roots; products that keep our ends from splitting and give them a nice shine.

And, of course, a quality gel that will help us keep those edges laid without flakiness or itchiness, one that is practically invisible to the eye. Those who have never worked with curls have never had to worry about taming those edges, but trust us – it’s a thing.

Palmer’s Olive Oil Formula: The Smooth Operator of Edge Controllers

Palmer’s, the American, family-owned business that celebrated its 180th anniversary in 2020, has been a trusted go-to for all types of skin and hair care products for as long as it has been operating.

Having established itself as one of the world’s leading cocoa butter body and haircare brands, it is no surprise their products have become such a staple in the curly community. Paired with their continuing research into improving formulas, Palmer’s products are simply reliable.

Operating under the tagline, “The Nature of You”, you can rest assured that, these products are made with all types of skin and hair in mind, thus you will always find what you need to respect and enhance the uniqueness of your locks – be it a shampoo, root spray or serum.

When it comes to edge control, the brand has you covered too. Palmer’s Olive Oil Formula Super Control Hair Gel for Edges provides the extra strong hold you need to keep those rebellious edges in the nape of your neck and along your temples and forehead, in check.

If you’re going for smooth styles – including updos and ponytails – you’re going to want a gel that acts as the smooth operator of edge controllers, and this one is certainly it. It keeps those edges laid whilst leaving them with a lovely shine that will only enhance your do.

You’ll never have to worry about it leaving any sticky, crunchy residue, and that’s mainly down to the fact that this Super Control Gel for Edges is made from high-quality, plant-based ingredients that promise ultimate hydration without flake.

These ingredients include extra virgin olive oil, with all its anti-oxidant properties, vitamins and minerals; Jamaican Black Castor Oil which is known to relieve dry, itchy scalps whilst leaving a protective sheen on damaged hair; and Vitamin E to strengthen the hair follicles.

Add to that Palmer’s Botanical Scalp Complex made of nettle, hyssop and sage, and you’ve got yourself all the ingredients needed to turn your curl-styling process into a nourishing success that will attract many an admirer.

The Natural Benefits of Olive Oil in a Stellar Styling Product: The Perfect Combo

The more we can get out of one single styling product in terms of natural goodness, the better. Palmer’s Olive Oil Formula Super Control Gel for Edges truly delivers.

Free of sulphates, gluten, dyes, phthalates, mineral oil and parabens, it leaves our hair with all the healthy ingredients needed for it to thrive and grow strong, without over-hardening or damaging it with daily use.

The star ingredient here, namely, olive oil, may seem like just a boring old kitchen standard, but in truth, it is rather a luxurious treat for your hair, with countless benefits that will become visible after just a few uses.

Along with its other antioxidant ingredients, this gel is a fantastic choice for anyone prone to frizzy, dry and overworked hair, as it will infuse it with the moisture needed to return to a glorious softness and a visible shine.

With a wonderful scent reminiscent of spa-day, and enough hold to keep even the unruliest of type 4C hair in place for the entire day, you cannot go wrong with this olive oil-based edge control formula.


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